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Here's where I'll put updates on my writing, and where you can find some of my writing that's available for reading. ^_^

Main WIPs
Empire of Blood and Shadow
Status: Editing 1st draft
Genre: High Fantasy
Blurb: Lilly and Gabriel are separated in a fantasy world in the midst of a rebellion, where they learn that the outlandish stories their father used to tell about his past are actually true. With each thinking the other is in the hands of the enemy, Lilly and Gabriel take drastic measures to rescue each other. Gabriel turns to the advisor to the emperor and an old friend of his father’s, Seiryu Rothar, to learn dark magic to protect his sister. Lilly rushes to fix an amulet meant to leech dark magic in order to stop the emperor in his tracks and rescue her brother.

Thief of Promises (Sequel to The Empire Thief) 
Status: In progress, but available to read on Wattpad.
Genre: High Fantasy
Blurb: Tal didn’t expect to survive his freefall off the cliff. He certainly didn’t expect to be saved by a pretty princess in a kingdom he didn’t even know existed. Tal finds himself in a kingdom, far from his home, and not plagued by werewolves. To gain their trust and their help, Tal poses as a prince. With the king’s army and the thieves of a rogue queen behind him, Tal will face Jozar again. And this time, he won’t be the one losing.

The Empire Thief
Can be found on Wattpad.
Genre: High Fantasy
Blurb: Talyx likes his carefree life of thievery and pretty girls. Finding his next meal is a hassle, but nothing he can’t handle. With his best friend Ferret by his side, it makes the task easier. But when Tal and Ferret are forced to steal from the emperor himself and trigger a war with the werewolves in the mountains, Talyx must decide if the lives in danger are worth the sacrifice of his own.

Fence Jumpers
Can be found on the blog at present.
Genre: Dystopian
Blurb: A group of homeless teenagers use vandalism as a front for their covert mission to expose a corrupt mayor’s twisted schemes of cyborgs. When Skyler and his sister Hannah find themselves involved, things start snowballing. It will take a lot of spirit and courage to face the mayor. And of course, a penchant for jumping fences.

Other Writing
Vaguely Circular: Good Intentions, Evil Deeds

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