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About Me
Hi! I’m Olivia, and you’ve stumbled upon my blog, The Story Weaver. Here you’ll find lots of writerly things: my ramblings, tags/linkups, book reviews, or perhaps short stories or other short pieces. :D If you feel inclined to peruse way back, you’ll find the serial story that was the spring board for for this blog, Fence Jumpers. ;)

But you probably clicked on this page to know more about me, right?


So, me: I’m a writer, an avid reader, a Christian, an INFP (or ISFP, but INFP seems to be the main one), a Hufflepuff, and dragon-lover to name a few things that I am. I’m a pretty awesome person already, yes? Thought so.

I write primarily fantasy, where I create whole worlds, both on their own or in the midst of our own. I do enjoy dabbling in other genres, but fantasy seems to be where I hang my hat.

I also write to bring glory to my God. Even if my stories don’t have Christian themes or messages (oftentimes they don’t), I write them to still glorify Him. So my works, while there will likely be sin (no world is perfect) I will not be condoning them as something good. My villains may be thoroughly wicked, or my heroes may screw up, but in the end, good wins, sin is defeated, and forgiveness is given. :3 So if those aren’t stories you’re looking for, this blog probably isn’t for you. But you’re welcome to stay and see what’s around! ;) Just be sure you’re polite. ^_^

What You’ll Find Here
Lots of fun stuff! I may post some of my writing, but so far it’s often been tags/linkups, because I enjoy fangirling over my own characters (no, it’s not weird). I’ll also post writerly musings, either things I’ve learned, or aspects of writing that pertain to characters, plot, etc. when the inspiration hits (for example, I recently talked about having introverted heroes!). I hope to do more with the writerly musings/writing discussions in the future. Feel free to throw suggestions my way, too! :D

While I’m by no means professional, I enjoy reviewing the books I read. Anything I snatch for my shelves or from the library, usually. At the end of these reviews I’ll have a section that discusses elements some readers may deem questionable (violence, profanity, sexual content, etc.). This is by no means something I do to warn people away from reading these books or anything (I have personally enjoyed many books that have a fair amount of content in that section so far)! I simply use this section to help readers be aware of what is ahead, so they can decide for themselves whether or not they’d like to read. I enjoy being aware of what’s in a novel or a movie. I could never really find a book review site that alerted me to anything I might find questionable, so I wanted to make my own. Again, it’s not to bash the books I read. It’s simply to give readers a heads up if they want it. ^_^

Ideally, I want to post every Saturday, but we’ll see what happens. If I hit a good rhythm of things maybe I’ll jot down a schedule of sorts here. But for now, Saturdays are the days to hop on over for something new. ;)

Where You Can Find Me
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  1. I love what you say about writing! Do you have a way to follow your blog by email?

    (Hi, I'm Ilse. I stumbled on your blog via the Beautiful People linkup.)

    1. Welcome to the Story Weaver, Ilse! ^_^ And thanks! :D

      I've just put that up. :D You should be able to find it on the bottom of the blog. Let me know if it works!


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