Saturday, May 5, 2018

The Heist: Building the Perfect Team

I enjoy books with a heist, or something where characters come together as a team and pull off something grand and clever all rolled into one package. I recently read Six of Crows and that heist was kind of awesome.

Now I'm not nearly clever enough to pull one of those off, but if I needed one done, I'd have to build the perfect team. And so today I bring you my ideal heist team, culled from characters from books who fit the roles I'd need.

I feel like I'd be cheating if I said Kaz from Six of Crows. That boy knows how to pull off a theft, or a con, or whatever shady business he does. But a runner-up would be Sage/Jaron, from the False Prince trilogy. I swear that boy was beautifully clever, and hilariously witty. His planning got the job done, especially when I usually had no idea what he was going to do (even in first person his plans were elusive!).

I'll need an expert with technology to help with this heist, someone who can work security systems and keep an eye on the team from the cameras, as well as hook them up with sleek and shiny gadgetry. For this person, I choose Cress, from the Lunar Chronicles. She's a wizard in her own right with a computer, and she'd be able to get the team in an out of there without triggering security.

Cress and Celaena, basically.

My team will likely need weapons to defend themselves. Amani from Rebel of the Sands could be an excellent weapons supplier, and teacher. She's an expert sharpshooter. Celaena from the Throne of Glass series would be another, for more quiet weapons. But we'd have to make a rule: no killing. Celaena will need to learn that one.

To get in close to their target, the team may have to do some undercover work. That means disguises and false identities. I would choose Cinna, from the Hunger Games. He turned Katniss into the Capital's star. A girl from a mining town became a glittering jewel of the sleek and shining city. He'd create the right disguises and roles my team need to sneak in unnoticed.

Every good heist needs sustenance. Planning takes a lot of brain power. Sebastian from the Black Butler series would be perfect. He's a superb cook, and would make plenty of healthy meals and tasty treats for the team, and be incredibly polite and sophisticated while doing it (for a demon). Also, he'd be good for more than snacks if his abilities were needed.

.:Magic Specialist:.
With my team's luck, they'll probably run into something magical, or something that can only be dealt with via magic. So they'll need someone who's an expert with magic. Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series is their girl. She's smart, clever, and knows her way around a magic spell. She'll keep the team from setting off magical booby traps.

.:The Newbie:.
Everybody starts somewhere. So maybe my team has a newcomer just testing the waters, or maybe they're just the baby of the family, and offers sufficient backup to anybody who might need it. Honestly, I feel like this would also be Cress. She is smol and precious and even though she's feisty in her own way, she's probably still a bit new to heist business. Cress may be the reason we have the backup-planner.

.:Back-up Planner:.
We all know that the first plan is just gonna go up in flames. So the mastermind will need help to come up with Plan B (because he's focused on Plan A). My back-up planner would be Scipio, from the Thief Lord. His cool and collected personality would balance Sage's pretty well, and he'd be grounded enough to prepare a back-up. Because let's face it, that first plan is gonna go up in flames.

The team will probably need money to prepare for the heist, and know how to distribute funds. And also somebody to keep track of their loot and stuff in general (and keep sticky gingers out of it). For this position, Bilbo Baggins would be ideal. He would also remember to portion funds for food, which is good for the team's snack-supervisor. Plus he's already a veteran burglar, so he'd be handy for more than keeping track of their resources. Just in case the team get in a bit of trouble.

The teen may need a bit of muscle to shoulder their way past difficult security guards, or maybe just a skilled fighter. While the weapons experts of this team are probably the ones for the job, Sam Miracle is my pick here. Besides being another expert sharpshooter, his own arms are weapons. With live rattlesnakes grafted into his arms, they become faster than any human arm. Just in case the team needs a quick knock-out punch or something.

.:Getaway Driver:.
No heist could be pulled off without a getaway plan. My team will need a exit strategy to get them out fast with whatever they're thieving. I choose Elle from Geekerella. Now it's not fantastic (I already used Lunar Chronicles twice, so I didn't want to choose Thorn. ;) ), but who's gonna think to look for the team in a big, pumpkin-orange vegan food truck? Nah, they're gonna target the fast cars or airships. My team will be safely stowed in a food truck cruising away to safety.

There's my team. I think we'd have a fair shot, though I'm sure this team would have a lot of inner difficulties (because Sage is a snarky brat and I'm fairly certain some of the team would try to strangle him). BUT, they could get the job done. And probably blow stuff up. Accidentally of course.

Your turn! :D You have a heist to pull off, so you need a crack team. Who do you choose? What other roles do you think a heist needs? Or what roles here probably aren't needed? Tell me all! Let's chat!

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