Friday, April 6, 2018

Book Review: The Day the Angels Fell (Shawn Smucker)

The day the lightning took Sam's mother was the day the Tree of Life returned.

Yes, the tree in the story of Creation. And the two angels who stood guard over it? They're after it. One wants its power. The other must destroy it. And Sam's in the middle of it all. But the question is what he will do.

This story reminded me of A Monster Calls (the film, mind. I've yet to read the book), with a writing voice similar to N.D. Wilson. Sam's mother is gone, and to a kid barely into his teens, has the chance to bring her back with the Tree of Life. He's grieving, and he doesn't quite find the best ways to release the emotions, and it sometimes puts others at risk.

I liked how at first I couldn't quite identify who the good guy was and who the bad guy was. I was wary of both parties for a bit. I also liked seeing Sam struggle to make choices, and the direction he chooses to follow.

Also, the story of the Tree of Life was awesome. There's the "origin" story, the story we see in Genesis in the Bible: Creation, the Fall, and God setting the two cherubim to watch the Tree of Life.

But the author adds to the story, after Adam and Eve leave the garden. He weaves it in so well that it makes his addition seem like it could be something that happened. Who can know? But it's really neat to imagine: What if the author's addition really did happen?

Violence/gore: Some, but it's not in detail. A character dies (but we're aware of the event before it happens), and characters fight.

Sexual content: None

Profanity: None that I recall (if any, it's minor).

Other: Nothing I can remember.

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