Thursday, March 22, 2018

Book Review: The Tomb of the Sea-Witch (Kyle Robert Shultz)

After the madness of The Beast of Talesend, Nick Beasley still has some work to do. I mean, he's still a hulking mass of fur and claws and canine teeth.

But now on the run, Cordelia takes them to an island where magic is practiced and honed, Nick will need to blend in... when he has no magic. But his problems don't stop there (because that would be no fun), and troubles arise as they realize the legend of the little mermaid went quite a bit differently than you or I remember...

Another adorable Beaumont and Beasley installment. Nick's sarcastic, 75%-done-with-everything attitude makes me smile nearly every time. And Crispin finds love! It felt a little cheesy, but I love Crispin so XD Also, Crispin's increase of pets was awesome, and had me (and probably Nick) going "how is he getting all of these?" XD The kid has skills, guys. I envy them.

I liked the twist on the Little Mermaid story. It really did get twisted (pun intended), and kept the characters on their toes to keep up with the antagonist. The climax was probably my favorite, like the first book. It was intense and I feared for everyone o.o

The school was interesting, and the Mythfits were hilarious and I loved them. I also really loved his teaching style and I need more of it. XD He snarks and acts gruff and to the point and the Mythfits are just alarmed and so not cool with this new teacher. That class was beautiful to watch.

The antagonist, while we don't actually see them in particular, but them through another character (spoilers ;) ), was intriguing, though it would have been neat to see them physically (maybe another time???).

Malcolm, the school headmaster, was brilliant. He too has an attitude of "done-ness" like Nick, but he's also a dragon, so people tend to avoid pushing his buttons. We also learn a bit more about Cordelia (and we get a little more of their potential looove P) ), and her backstory, which left me with questions.

I still have a lot of questions. O_O

But book three is out, so I'll probably have to snag that one. :3 Gotta make sure the favorites live, right?

Violence/gore: Not much. Skeletons attack. There are fighting scenes and injuries inflicted, but nothing is deeply detailed that I remember.

Profanity: None

Sexual content: Two of the cast share a few light kisses.

Other:Nothing that comes to mind

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