Thursday, February 9, 2017

Love Songs for Characters

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air. Maybe for you, or maybe for your friends. ;) But either way, maybe there’s also love brewing among your novel’s characters? ;)

For the days leading up to this romantic day, I have a short "series" of fun/sappy/funny posts of the character-variety. There will be four posts: Love songs, an "auction" tag, a love-themed Beautiful People Linkup, and lastly a role-play I'll be doing with another writerly friend where we send two of our characters on a blind date. B)

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Now, I'm not sure when exactly the role-play will be posted. That will depend on when we do it, when it ends, etc. But the other three will be posted. Today is a post about songs that go perfectly with my fictional couples. Tomorrow I'll be presenting to you possible fictional bachelors for a Valentine's Day date, Saturday will be the Beautiful People linkup, and on the thirteenths will be singles' night out. ;) Perhaps on the twelfth will will be the role-play, whenever we finish that. But it's not set in stone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Figuring out how two particular characters interact and talk with each other, how their love lives progress, even after the book, is a lot of fun. But what can make it even better is when we find a song that describes them and their relationship perfectly.

So today I thought I’d share songs that fit my OTPs (one true pairing) from Empire of Blood and Shadow. There are only three that have songs, but they’re adorable. :3

~ Kedmir & Aderyn ~
This is the song that’s always seemed to fit these two. Kedmir’s love language is gifts, and he’s not too shabby at poetry (though not as good as his brother!). But it’s his love and strength Aderyn loves best. They were made for each other, even before Aderyn’s creator and I knew they were. XD

~ Gabriel & Odalys ~
They have like… at least two songs, but this is the main one. The original song works, but this cover of the song shows their youth and the energy they put into their relationship. They’re both new to the whole thing, but they can’t wait to see where it goes.

~ Mordir & Iluna ~
The last couple in EOBAS is probably one of my very favorites (so they’re certainly not the least!). :3 Theirs is probably the most complicated, but I love their relationship probably more than any of the others. XD They have a couple songs too, but I think their main song would be this one. :3 Because even when they argue, or when Iluna’s father tells her to leave Mordir, she stays. Despite Mordir’s dark corners, his job as an assassin, she stays and loves him anyway.

What songs have you chosen for your project’s little lovebirds? :3

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