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Google Translate: Fence Jumpers Edition

Have you seen those videos where people have sent the lyrics of different songs through many layers of Google Translate and then back into English? They're really funny, and I'm not sure how the people singing these newly transformed lyrics don't just die of laughter. XD

But then my friend used the same method to garble a passage from her soon-to-be-published book, and it was simply beautiful.

Now, I bring to you two snippets from Fence Jumpers, taken and shredded through layers of languages in Google and regurgitated back into English. XD
The first is Wes' backstory reveal. 
The original:
"Can I ask what happened?" Hannah found herself asking. "Why you think..."

Wes looked at her when her voice faded away, as if searching for anything that would indicate she wouldn't take it seriously. Hannah gazed right back.

"I don't want this to change anything between us," Wes said quietly.

"How do you know it will?" Hannah murmured.

"Because it always has," Wes whispered, his voice carried a tremor.

"I'm a tough girl." Hannah smiled. "You're my friend, Wes. I'm not going to leave you."

Wes's expression flickered, but Hannah couldn't tell what the change was. He sat in silence for a minute, then took a slow breath.

"I had an older brother," Wes began. "Kurtis. We lived with our mom in the poor district. I never knew my dad, so Kurt became the closest thing to one.

"Kurt... became involved in some pretty shady stuff. He got into drug dealing, and using, although that came later. He used the money he earned to help our mom and me. Our mom wasn't in the best shape, so every penny was like treasure. We didn't know where he was getting the money, and we didn't ask. On his days off he helped me learn the basic subjects in school.

"But then when I got older, he started using. I was twelve, but I noticed the change right away. He had even started drinking, too. Our mom's condition got worse, and Kurt found me a job delivering drugs to clients. I knew it was wrong, but we needed the money..."

Hannah realized Wes was trembling. She reached over and took his hand, squeezing it gently. Wes squeezed back and took a slow breath.

"But then our mom died... And I..." Wes played with the frayed threads in his jeans. "Kurt fell a long way, Hannah... I tried to hold our tiny family together, but soon he..." Wes blinked fast. Hannah forced back tears and squeezed his hand again.

"After he died... I started using...." Wes whispered. "I had no one to stop me, no one to tell me how bad it was. I just told myself I'd be careful. I wouldn't screw up like Kurt did. And at first I thought things were going well. I had money, I thought I was being fairly responsible with using... but then I met Kip..." Wes smirked. "He knew right away, and he straightened me out real fast... after I had nearly killed myself."
The translated:
"May I ask what happened?" Hannah curiosity. "Why did you ..."

Wes voice when he pulled away, so if you are looking for something that shows that he was not taken seriously. Hannah looks at the same time.

"I do not want to change anything between us," said Wes quiet.

- How do you know? Hannah whispered.

"As always is," Wes whispered, her voice shaking.

"I am a strong girl." Hannah laugh. "You are my friend, Wes, I do not allow it."

Wes winked rules, but could not say what has changed. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

- I'm his brother, Wes started. "Kurtis, us, our mother living in poor regions. I do not know my father, Kurt accordingly.

"Kurt ... I think something was not completely sombre.Il and drug abuse, but it is more tard.Il user fee to help our mother moi.Notre mother or good in good condition, and so every penny Tresor. Nous to know where the money is and request.Some holidays, she "will help the main subjects in school.

But as I got older, he started training, I was twelve years old, but I've noticed the change immediately began to drink. State of the mother and found work in the management of Kurt users. It is important to know that this is wrong, but you need the money ... "

Hannah realized that Wes shook. He gave her his hand and gently press. Wes was right and breathe slowly.

"But when my mother died ... I ..." Wes playing with his son, a farmer. "Demand Kurt, Hannah ... I'm trying to keep the family together, but then ..." Wes winked. Hannah blinked back tears and shook his hand.

"After his death I started ... ..." Wes whispered. "There is no one to stop, you can not say how bad it is, I think, be careful not to hurt you, Kurt." And I think the first thing that came out well. That money, I think you have to use ... but when I met Kip ... "Wes smiled." He knew soon after ... and almost killed me. "
.....Well then. XD XD Apparently Kip has it out for Wes. Sorry guys. XD XD
Next, we have the scene where Skyler first meets the Jumpers. 

The original:
Skyler hesitated, then stepped forward, planted one foot on Cody's cupped hands, and reached out to grab the fence when Cody lifted him up high. Skyler moaned when his cut hand rubbed against the cold metal as he tried to secure a hold.

The girl on the fence gripped his arm.

"Hey there." She smiled at him. "Swing your leg over and straddle the fence. That's it."

Skyler paused on the fence, catching his breath. Cody watched them. Shouting suddenly came from further away on Cody's side of the fence.

"Nabbers!" One of the other kids hissed.

Cody and the three others dropped flat on the ground. Skyler felt Grace yank him over the fence.

Skyler hit the ground on his back, knocking the air out of him. Skyler's cry of pain was cut off when someone yanked off his mask and clamped a hand over his mouth.

The translated:
Skyler hesitated, and stepped on before, which was down the wall, his hands and feet in the Cody Cody to hold your hand the cup of your hand. Skyler is a hit with the cold metal carved sighed and tried to surrender.

Women often waved his hand.

"Hey." And smiled. "Take the leg to overcome often. That all men."

Skyler catch fence, gasping for breath. He came in Cody. Build up the wall far apart, he suddenly crieth out Cody.

"Nabb" routs from the other guys.

And three smaller Cody. Skyler read hedge.

Skyler hit the ground on his back, knocking the air out of him. Skyler hacked at their shout of sorrow, taking her hand to his mouth.
There you have it. XD Cliffhangers at its finest, no? ;) "Taking her hand to his mouth" ..... Watcha doin' there Skyler? XD
What do you think of these garbled translations? XD What would your stories look like after several layers of Google translate? Show me! ;)

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