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Book Review: Storm Siren Trilogy (Mary Weber)

So. The Storm Siren trilogy has given me another female lead to love. Nym was a precious cinnamon roll, and her arc seemed quiet but powerful. In a way she reminded me of myself (though I’m not sure yet how XD). I loved how she became both tough and kind-hearted, and how she grows to accept who she is.

I also liked how to dragged Nym out of her comfort zone and allowed her to grow and mature, and control her powers. Especially when she was forced away from the guiding influences in her life, and she had to make decisions on her own. It was interesting to watch her struggle to hold on to her precious little world she had found, and made to take action on her own.

I also liked the worldbuilding. There are two main continents, and Nym’s side is more fantasy/fairyland-esque (her home country is called Faelen, even) with swords and magic, and on the other side, the enemy territory, Bron, is more steampunk, full of metal buildings and airships.

Faelen = Fae.
Bron = Bronze.

It’s a pretty cool contrast. ;) Also one of my favorite parts of the worldbuilding (which may seem ironic with how I do reviews) was the world-specific “swears” the characters used. The words used aren’t ours, but specific to Nym’s world. Words like hulls, litches, and bolcrane (which is also a nasty creature that lurks in Faelen) provide color to the dialogue without really jarring you out of the action.

The plotline can be a little slow in places (book 2, Siren’s Fury, seemed a little slow, but picked up at the end), but it’s a grand adventure, with Nym and company rushing to prepare for the enemy hordes. There were a couple elements in book 3, Siren’s Song, that I had expected to take a bigger role, too, but didn’t. That was minor, but it seemed a little odd when some of it only affected the romance subplot. The plot was intense and kept moving, but gave enough time for the heroes to breathe every now and then. The climaxes however of all three books did make up for any slow spots, but I think it’s the characters that really carry them through.

The cast of the trilogy is a lively bunch, with a variety of personalities and backgrounds.

Guys, this man is precious. He’s a mentor kind of character, but also the protective older brother type (so naturally I fell in love with him almost instantly). He has his brooding moments, and his secrets, but I loved the relationship that bonded him and Nym together, and his brotherly relationship with Colin. They helped each other to grow.

Before I thoroughly fangirled for Eogan, I totally fell for Colin. This boy is also precious, and the funniest guy I met in this entire trilogy. The first words out of his mouth literally had me hooked for him. He’s got powers, like Nym (but he controls the earth, not the sky and weather). He’s optimistic, and caring.

Breck is a sweetheart. Another of Nym’s first true friends. She’s blind, and has a charming accent, and can be incredibly scrappy.

Okay so I have mixed feelings on Myles. XD But after the trilogy, he wasn’t quite as slimy as he was at first, but… you’ll have to read for yourself. ;) He’s more a contagonist than anything: he helps the good guys, but his own agenda kind of gets in their way, too. To add to his slimy and suspicious character, he often drags out his S’s (like a snake, so you instantly feel on edge with him). It’s a great way to drop the red flag on a character and make you wary.

One of Nym’s friends/role model, in a way. She, like Nym and Colin, has a special power, and she’s also more of an anchor of reason for Nym, especially if Eogan isn’t around.

Basically Rasha and Eogan are Nym’s sensible parents. XD

So even if the plot doesn’t quite grab you, the characters will likely tug at your heart. ;)


Violence/gore: There is a lot of violence and battles going on, especially as the plot progresses throughout the trilogy. There is blood and gore, and it is described a bit.

Sexual content: Nym shares kisses with a named character. There are a few vaguely implied sexual situations, either during the narrative (heard from outside a building called a pleasure house) or in Nym’s memories. Eogan also has had a romantic connection with another named female, but it’s unclear (I think) what happens between them (though we do see the lady trying to wrap her arms around Eogan in book 1).

Profanity: Like I mentioned earlier in the review, the only swear words actually seen that are spoken are specific to Nym’s world, like hulls, litches, and bolcrane. There is some referenced swearing, too.

Other: This trilogy centers strongly around magic (as most fantasy novels are). Liquor is also consumed, and a character gets drunk. Nym also recounts a memory when she’d gotten drunk during her brief stay with another owner.

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