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Google Translate: Fence Jumpers Edition

Have you seen those videos where people have sent the lyrics of different songs through many layers of Google Translate and then back into English? They're really funny, and I'm not sure how the people singing these newly transformed lyrics don't just die of laughter. XD

But then my friend used the same method to garble a passage from her soon-to-be-published book, and it was simply beautiful.

Now, I bring to you two snippets from Fence Jumpers, taken and shredded through layers of languages in Google and regurgitated back into English. XD
The first is Wes' backstory reveal. 
The original:
"Can I ask what happened?" Hannah found herself asking. "Why you think..."

Wes looked at her when her voice faded away, as if searching for anything that would indicate she wouldn't take it seriously. Hannah gazed right back.

"I don't want this to change anything between us," Wes said quietly.

"How do you know it will?" Hannah murmured.

"Because it always has," Wes whispered, his voice carried a tremor.

"I'm a tough girl." Hannah smiled. "You're my friend, Wes. I'm not going to leave you."

Wes's expression flickered, but Hannah couldn't tell what the change was. He sat in silence for a minute, then took a slow breath.

"I had an older brother," Wes began. "Kurtis. We lived with our mom in the poor district. I never knew my dad, so Kurt became the closest thing to one.

"Kurt... became involved in some pretty shady stuff. He got into drug dealing, and using, although that came later. He used the money he earned to help our mom and me. Our mom wasn't in the best shape, so every penny was like treasure. We didn't know where he was getting the money, and we didn't ask. On his days off he helped me learn the basic subjects in school.

"But then when I got older, he started using. I was twelve, but I noticed the change right away. He had even started drinking, too. Our mom's condition got worse, and Kurt found me a job delivering drugs to clients. I knew it was wrong, but we needed the money..."

Hannah realized Wes was trembling. She reached over and took his hand, squeezing it gently. Wes squeezed back and took a slow breath.

"But then our mom died... And I..." Wes played with the frayed threads in his jeans. "Kurt fell a long way, Hannah... I tried to hold our tiny family together, but soon he..." Wes blinked fast. Hannah forced back tears and squeezed his hand again.

"After he died... I started using...." Wes whispered. "I had no one to stop me, no one to tell me how bad it was. I just told myself I'd be careful. I wouldn't screw up like Kurt did. And at first I thought things were going well. I had money, I thought I was being fairly responsible with using... but then I met Kip..." Wes smirked. "He knew right away, and he straightened me out real fast... after I had nearly killed myself."
The translated:
"May I ask what happened?" Hannah curiosity. "Why did you ..."

Wes voice when he pulled away, so if you are looking for something that shows that he was not taken seriously. Hannah looks at the same time.

"I do not want to change anything between us," said Wes quiet.

- How do you know? Hannah whispered.

"As always is," Wes whispered, her voice shaking.

"I am a strong girl." Hannah laugh. "You are my friend, Wes, I do not allow it."

Wes winked rules, but could not say what has changed. He paused for a moment and took a deep breath.

- I'm his brother, Wes started. "Kurtis, us, our mother living in poor regions. I do not know my father, Kurt accordingly.

"Kurt ... I think something was not completely sombre.Il and drug abuse, but it is more tard.Il user fee to help our mother moi.Notre mother or good in good condition, and so every penny Tresor. Nous to know where the money is and request.Some holidays, she "will help the main subjects in school.

But as I got older, he started training, I was twelve years old, but I've noticed the change immediately began to drink. State of the mother and found work in the management of Kurt users. It is important to know that this is wrong, but you need the money ... "

Hannah realized that Wes shook. He gave her his hand and gently press. Wes was right and breathe slowly.

"But when my mother died ... I ..." Wes playing with his son, a farmer. "Demand Kurt, Hannah ... I'm trying to keep the family together, but then ..." Wes winked. Hannah blinked back tears and shook his hand.

"After his death I started ... ..." Wes whispered. "There is no one to stop, you can not say how bad it is, I think, be careful not to hurt you, Kurt." And I think the first thing that came out well. That money, I think you have to use ... but when I met Kip ... "Wes smiled." He knew soon after ... and almost killed me. "
.....Well then. XD XD Apparently Kip has it out for Wes. Sorry guys. XD XD
Next, we have the scene where Skyler first meets the Jumpers. 

The original:
Skyler hesitated, then stepped forward, planted one foot on Cody's cupped hands, and reached out to grab the fence when Cody lifted him up high. Skyler moaned when his cut hand rubbed against the cold metal as he tried to secure a hold.

The girl on the fence gripped his arm.

"Hey there." She smiled at him. "Swing your leg over and straddle the fence. That's it."

Skyler paused on the fence, catching his breath. Cody watched them. Shouting suddenly came from further away on Cody's side of the fence.

"Nabbers!" One of the other kids hissed.

Cody and the three others dropped flat on the ground. Skyler felt Grace yank him over the fence.

Skyler hit the ground on his back, knocking the air out of him. Skyler's cry of pain was cut off when someone yanked off his mask and clamped a hand over his mouth.

The translated:
Skyler hesitated, and stepped on before, which was down the wall, his hands and feet in the Cody Cody to hold your hand the cup of your hand. Skyler is a hit with the cold metal carved sighed and tried to surrender.

Women often waved his hand.

"Hey." And smiled. "Take the leg to overcome often. That all men."

Skyler catch fence, gasping for breath. He came in Cody. Build up the wall far apart, he suddenly crieth out Cody.

"Nabb" routs from the other guys.

And three smaller Cody. Skyler read hedge.

Skyler hit the ground on his back, knocking the air out of him. Skyler hacked at their shout of sorrow, taking her hand to his mouth.
There you have it. XD Cliffhangers at its finest, no? ;) "Taking her hand to his mouth" ..... Watcha doin' there Skyler? XD
What do you think of these garbled translations? XD What would your stories look like after several layers of Google translate? Show me! ;)

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Book Review: Storm Siren Trilogy (Mary Weber)

So. The Storm Siren trilogy has given me another female lead to love. Nym was a precious cinnamon roll, and her arc seemed quiet but powerful. In a way she reminded me of myself (though I’m not sure yet how XD). I loved how she became both tough and kind-hearted, and how she grows to accept who she is.

I also liked how to dragged Nym out of her comfort zone and allowed her to grow and mature, and control her powers. Especially when she was forced away from the guiding influences in her life, and she had to make decisions on her own. It was interesting to watch her struggle to hold on to her precious little world she had found, and made to take action on her own.

I also liked the worldbuilding. There are two main continents, and Nym’s side is more fantasy/fairyland-esque (her home country is called Faelen, even) with swords and magic, and on the other side, the enemy territory, Bron, is more steampunk, full of metal buildings and airships.

Faelen = Fae.
Bron = Bronze.

It’s a pretty cool contrast. ;) Also one of my favorite parts of the worldbuilding (which may seem ironic with how I do reviews) was the world-specific “swears” the characters used. The words used aren’t ours, but specific to Nym’s world. Words like hulls, litches, and bolcrane (which is also a nasty creature that lurks in Faelen) provide color to the dialogue without really jarring you out of the action.

The plotline can be a little slow in places (book 2, Siren’s Fury, seemed a little slow, but picked up at the end), but it’s a grand adventure, with Nym and company rushing to prepare for the enemy hordes. There were a couple elements in book 3, Siren’s Song, that I had expected to take a bigger role, too, but didn’t. That was minor, but it seemed a little odd when some of it only affected the romance subplot. The plot was intense and kept moving, but gave enough time for the heroes to breathe every now and then. The climaxes however of all three books did make up for any slow spots, but I think it’s the characters that really carry them through.

The cast of the trilogy is a lively bunch, with a variety of personalities and backgrounds.

Guys, this man is precious. He’s a mentor kind of character, but also the protective older brother type (so naturally I fell in love with him almost instantly). He has his brooding moments, and his secrets, but I loved the relationship that bonded him and Nym together, and his brotherly relationship with Colin. They helped each other to grow.

Before I thoroughly fangirled for Eogan, I totally fell for Colin. This boy is also precious, and the funniest guy I met in this entire trilogy. The first words out of his mouth literally had me hooked for him. He’s got powers, like Nym (but he controls the earth, not the sky and weather). He’s optimistic, and caring.

Breck is a sweetheart. Another of Nym’s first true friends. She’s blind, and has a charming accent, and can be incredibly scrappy.

Okay so I have mixed feelings on Myles. XD But after the trilogy, he wasn’t quite as slimy as he was at first, but… you’ll have to read for yourself. ;) He’s more a contagonist than anything: he helps the good guys, but his own agenda kind of gets in their way, too. To add to his slimy and suspicious character, he often drags out his S’s (like a snake, so you instantly feel on edge with him). It’s a great way to drop the red flag on a character and make you wary.

One of Nym’s friends/role model, in a way. She, like Nym and Colin, has a special power, and she’s also more of an anchor of reason for Nym, especially if Eogan isn’t around.

Basically Rasha and Eogan are Nym’s sensible parents. XD

So even if the plot doesn’t quite grab you, the characters will likely tug at your heart. ;)


Violence/gore: There is a lot of violence and battles going on, especially as the plot progresses throughout the trilogy. There is blood and gore, and it is described a bit.

Sexual content: Nym shares kisses with a named character. There are a few vaguely implied sexual situations, either during the narrative (heard from outside a building called a pleasure house) or in Nym’s memories. Eogan also has had a romantic connection with another named female, but it’s unclear (I think) what happens between them (though we do see the lady trying to wrap her arms around Eogan in book 1).

Profanity: Like I mentioned earlier in the review, the only swear words actually seen that are spoken are specific to Nym’s world, like hulls, litches, and bolcrane. There is some referenced swearing, too.

Other: This trilogy centers strongly around magic (as most fantasy novels are). Liquor is also consumed, and a character gets drunk. Nym also recounts a memory when she’d gotten drunk during her brief stay with another owner.

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The day has come! Come one, come all! 'Tis the bookish birthday of Jameson C. Smith! :D

I'd have posted earlier, but I was at work all day (new job training!). But I'm here now, to give y'all the news. B) Both the ebook and paperback versions are available today!

And Jameson has a fun giveaway going on on her blog, so you should totally enter that too. Because signed books about assassins.

You should.

Have you yet? No? Get moving! Go and enter and say congrats to Jameson! :D

What's The Assassin's Daughter about?
For most of her life, Katira has trained to take on the role of assassin. While it’s far from the life she would have chosen, the law known as the Inheritance Proclamation dictates that she must follow in her father’s profession. At seventeen, she’ll be expected to use her training on a real assignment any day.

When new information about an old fugitive brings questions about Kat’s past to light, she must make a choice: Prove her loyalties to the Tederan Order and their laws, or become a fugitive to search after answers she may never find.

Where you can grab The Assassin's Daughter:
Amazon (paperback & ebook)

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Beautiful People Linkup: Emeer & Chayn

Welcome to day three of my little Valentine’s day series. :3 Today I bring you a Beautiful People linkup, hosted by Cait and Sky, with love as the theme. ;) I’ll be featuring a platonic pairing from Empire of Blood and Shadow, Emeer and his dragon, Chayn. :3 They love each other as much as any romantic couple do, and would do anything for each other.

1. How and why did they meet?
Ahh, now that’s a story. They met one day when Emeer was playing in the nearby forest with a toad he’d found (he loves toads), when a younger and smaller Chayn appeared and gobbled up the toad. The act thoroughly terrified Emeer, and when he tried to run, Chayn chased him and grabbed him, flying off with him (she wanted to be friends).

Needless to say that Emeer suffered some trauma for a little bit. ;)

2. What were their first impressions of each other?
Chayn rather liked Emeer, but thought him a rather skittish human. Emeer was terrified of Chayn’s wild recklessness, but his shyness let her boss him around.

3. How would they prove their love for each other?
Chayn doesn’t eat toads. ;)

Honestly, they would sacrifice a lot for each other. Chayn protects Emeer as fiercely as if he were her hatchling, and Emeer, now having overcome his shyness, would fight to protect Chayn. Even if they’re injured, they still try to protect each other.

4. What would be an ideal date?
Here I’ll replace “date” with “outing.” I think these two would simply find someplace vast and empty and just fly. Perhaps perform a few thrilling and semi-dangerous maneuvers (Chayn’s wildness has rubbed off on Emeer ;) ) before finding a tall peak and watching the sunset, and the watching the stars come out. :3

Image found via Pinterest

5. Is there something they emphatically disagree on?
Whether or not dragons born with a mottled color should live or die. According to dragon culture, mottled dragon hatchlings must die. But Emeer struggles to accept this, and it often sets him at odds with Chayn, and with the other dragons and Dragon Keepers.

6. List 5 “food quirks” they know about each other. (Ex: how they take their coffee, if they’re allergic to something, etc….and feel free to mention other non-food quirks!)
–Chayn knows Emeer prefers his meat cooked.
–Emeer is well aware of Chayn enjoying toads.
–Chayn knows Emeer doesn’t like many breads.
–Emeer knows Chayn HATES fish.
–Both enjoy sunberry pastries (Emeer introduced Chayn to them and she loved them).

7. What’s one thing they know about each other that no one else does?
Chayn knows Emeer sometimes needs time to himself. He’s become braver than he was way back, but while he tries to keep up with the others, some days he needs recharge time by himself, even without her around.

Emeer knows that Chayn fancies another dragon, but she’s too stubborn to go up to him. ;) Emeer likes to tease her about it.

8. What’s one thing that they keep a secret from each other?
Emeer’s secret is that he didn’t kill the mottled dragon featured in EOBAS. He tells her he did, but he had Lilly and her friends take it away to safety.

Chayn’s secret is that a few times she considered abandoning him during their early days together. Just dropping him off back in his village. But something about him pulled at her and made her stay, made her feel as if he wasn’t quite done “hatching” yet.

9. How would their lives be different without each other?
Oh mercy, incredibly different. Chayn would be wild and very reckless, without Emeer to instill in her a motherly tenderness and sensitiveness. Emeer wouldn’t have found his courage through Chayn, and been easy to push around, despite his trying to stand up for himself and others.

10. Where do they each see this relationship going?
All the way until death parts them. ;) They see no sign of their friendship ever ending until then. They’re dragon and rider. That bond doesn’t break easy once it’s formed.

So what do you think of Emeer and Chayn? :3 I think they’re just as adorable as any romantic couple are, don’t you? ;)

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Valentine's Day the Perfect Date

Banner made by the lovely Jameson. :3

Welcome to day two of my fictional Valentine's "series." ;) You all probably know about those weird “auction” events people sometimes do, or you see as a setting on TV/films. When handsome bachelors are put up for “auction” and the ladies then make their bids. The lady with the highest bid gets the man for the night, or some such.

Today, I have a fun tag that’s a similar idea. Except unfortunately you can’t keep these guys, because they are my precious characters and I would miss them. ;) I have six young men for your consideration, four of them are from my fantasy novel Empire of Blood and Shadow, and two of them are from other stories. You get to tell me which character you think would make a perfect Valentine’s date. B3

Oh yes, ladies.

So if you’re a young lady who finds herself pining for some fictional character to sweep you off your feet, look no further than the six gentlemen I have selected here. One of them will be bound to appeal. ;)

**All images found via Pinterest.

Ish. It's hard to find good Rune pics!

First up is twenty-five year-old Rune Annor! A kind-hearted man who looks out for his younger brothers, and for others when they need help or simply a listening ear. Rune is one of the finest swordsmen of his time, and will provide excellent protection from slimy dudes who think they can barge in.

Rune: I wouldn’t say finest–

Hush. Yes you are.

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
This fine gentleman is built like a bouncer–
Rune: A what?

–He’s strong as an ox, but he can be very gentle too, ladies (which is good on a date, right?). He’s tanned from long days in the sun, and keeps his dark brown hair short (no need to have it get in the way when training!), and stands about 6’5”. He prefer simple clothing, things easy to move in, but he knows how to dress up when the occasion calls for it.

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Rune enjoys hearty meals for the most part, and he can sing a mean ballad that will make you swoon. B3

What’s his family like?
Master Annor comes from a family of eight brothers. Rune is second oldest, and so he takes on a lot of the responsibility. Coming from a family of all boys, his family can get a bit rowdy. But they’re all well-behaved gentlemen, so all you’ve to fear is how soon they’ll want you to come visit again. ;)

Why he would be a great date
Was the above not enough to convince you, ladies? Very well. Rune Annor would make the perfect date because, while he trains hard and is very focused on his work, he makes time for others. He will make time for you.

And he can sing. What girl wouldn’t love that? ;)

Things he values
Rune values his family most of all. They are the ones he will protect with his life if he must. He also values his country and its freedom. Ladies, you will have the finest, most loyal man on your hands with him.

What he would do for a first date?
On a first date… he may ask for your opinion on where you’d like to go. B) But if you leave it up to him, he may take the classic route of taking you out to a fine dinner, and perhaps a walk in a quiet park.

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
Rune will not press you into a relationship if you don’t want one, but rest assured ladies, if you both feel made for each other, you will find no one better. ;)

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
But as perfect as this gent is, he does come with a few flaws. There may be a day when he is too focused on training, and he may become a little forgetful. His temper, when it finally snaps, can be fierce and a little scary.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
Flowers and chocolates are not his forte, but songs that will entrance you are his specialty. ;) And be assured that if he makes you a promise, he will do his utmost to keep it, without fail.

So what do you think of Rune, ladies? Handsome in all aspects, yes? But hold on, we have three more. ;)

Here we have another Annor! This young man is Kedmir, the third oldest of the brothers (just under Rune). Kedmir is a fine young man, with a big heart and plenty of energy to keep you on your toes. ;)

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
While not as tall or muscular as his brother, Kedmir makes up for it in other ways. ;) Standing at about 5’11”, Kedmir’s best eye-catching feature are, in fact, his eyes. He has heterochromia, so his right eye is grey, and his left eye is green. It gives him an intriguing appearance, and topped with a curly mop of auburn curls, Kedmir will certainly draw your attention. ;) He dressed modestly, but he avoids looking too old-fashioned, and can dress up quite handsomely.

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Kedmir enjoys most music, but finds pleasure in the lively folk songs of his world. Kedmir enjoys a variety of foods (though he does have a few foods he will avoid like the plague XD).

What’s his family like?
Like Rune, Kedmir comes from a family of eight brothers, and being third eldest, a lot of the responsibility falls on his shoulders too. His brothers can be quite boisterous, and Kedmir is often found in the midst of it. He cares for them all, and does his best to help around the house and keep up with repairs.

Why he would be a great date?
If the above hasn’t convinced you, Kedmir would make a great date for his spontaneity. Kedmir is a curious young man, and may drag you into some interesting date locations (thought he will keep you quite safe!). His curiosity will provide plenty to talk about, and the child-like wonder for anything new will charm you. ;)

Things he values?
Kedmir also values his family. Their needs come before his. But he also values a just country, and he can become passionate for it. Overall, Kedmir values the needs of others, and their own opinions and their friendship.

What he would do for a first date?
Oh, my dear, you may need to worry more about what he won’t do on a first date. ;) He will not make advances, I assure you, but his idea of a date could be anywhere from dinner or a trip to a museum to a play to taking a stroll along the docks of his hometown. It may be best to start the date early in the day with this fellow. ;)

Kedmir: *grins* Don’t worry, we’ll have a fun time. ^_^

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
Kedmir is not currently looking for a long-term relationship, but I suspect if you both fancy each other enough, it could become something more…

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
Kedmir can be hasty. The date may move too fast for you, but remind him of his place and he will correct himself quickly. He also can have a rather heated temper.

Kedmir: But not with you. >_> I’ll mind myself.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
This young man’s love language is gifts, so be prepared to receive something form him on your first date. ;) Flowers and sweets are definitely something he may give you. And if he makes a promise, he will fulfill it. The Annors are honorable men that way.

So, ladies, what think you of Kedmir Annor? A charming man, isn’t he? :3 But we have one more Annor to examine, and then it’s off to one last bachelor from the EOBAS group.

It is also hard to find Jek pics, too. -_-

Jek Annor is the name of our third bachelor. He is eighteen year-old, and is more quiet than many of his brothers, though he’s not the brooding type (though he does have his moments). Jek is also a magic weaver, and as a seventh child, his magic includes a little more than the usual magic traits of his world. ;)

Jek: Thank you for letting me decide whether or not to divulge that information. >_> *eyeroll*

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
At 5’9”, Jek is a lithe, handsome fellow with blondish-brown hair and gray eyes. His style is simple, and often nondescript, but he keeps himself clean and well put together. You will be able to spot him by a scar along his hairline, running from the middle of his forehead to his right ear. It is advised not to ask about it until you really get to know each other.

Jek: No, it’s fine. -_- She’s already told you about my magic.

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Jek prefers quiet music (though he has been known to enjoy rousing dance music), and only a privileged few know that he likes dishes with fruit.

Jek: You’re leaving very little for us to talk about. >_>

What’s his family like?
Jek, coming from the same family as Rune and Kedmir, Jek Annor has seven other brothers. This time, Jek is the second youngest, the seventh born. You won’t often find him in the midst of the craziness, but usually off to the side, smiling and watching (and occasionally goading on whatever roughhousing or friendly squabble is going on).

Jek: …Yes I do do that. XD

Why he would be a great date?
Jek is the kind of gentleman who will be sensitive to your needs, and ensure you are comfortable on your date. He’s quiet, but he can keep you engaged in wholesome conversation, and provide some humor to make the evening light.

Things he values?
Jek values his country’s freedom, like his brothers do, even if his approach seems to be a quieter one to the rebellion they pursue. He values the lives of others, and what the rebellion’s success will give them. And, like his brothers, he values his family.

What he would do for a first date?
You can expect a nice, quiet date with Jek. He’s the kind of man who will treat you to a lovely dinner, and perhaps take you to your favorite coffee shop or bookstore afterward. He will make you feel comfortable.

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
With a war on, Jek may not be looking for a long-term relationship, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be open to one in the now. But until then, a quick date may be enjoyable for both parties, to give you a bit of cheering up if you’re feeling low.

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
Trust is something Jek is slow to give, and may seem a little closed off about himself for a while. But given time, you may just be able to get him to open up to you before the date is over.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
I assure you, ladies, this young man will keep his promises. If he feels he trusts you enough, he may show you his earth magic, which will grow a vine of deep red lilies for you. ;) But don’t push him. Gifts aren’t quite his thing for a first date, but if you’re lucky, the show of magic will be his way of letting you know you are worth trusting his secret to. ;)

So that’s Jek Annor, ladies! What do you think? Is he the one for you this Valentine’s Day? ;) Before you decide, we have one more young man from EOBAS for today, and two from a couple more stories! I honestly don’t know how you’ll be able to choose. ;)

Gabriel Ennan is a young man of eighteen years, and hails from both Earth and Allare. Born in Allare and raised in Chicago, Illinois, Gabriel is a young man who will make you feel right at home and comfortable, and be a complete knight-in-shining-armor. ;)

Gabriel: *grins* B)

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
Gabriel is a handsome boy at 5’10”, with warm and friendly hazel eyes and a head of slightly shaggy brown hair. He likes a simple style, though his sister tries to keep him with the fashions. ;) Jeans and a shirt with sleeves he can roll up/push up.

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Gabriel enjoys old ‘80s music, and he enjoys most any food, except pizza (I know, I know, I hear you all gasping in alarm. His sister is concerned for him too).

Gabriel: Hey! >_>

What’s his family like?
Gabriel’s family is quiet, save for his sister who manages to bring life and color to everything. His father is the sole introvert of the family, and Gabriel and his sister are often off having fun together around the city.

Why he would be a great date?
Gabriel would make a great date because of how friend and warm he is. He makes you feel at home, and will get you laughing and talking within minutes of sitting down to dinner. ;) If you’ve had a bad day, he’ll offer to help, even if to just help make you feel better.

Things he values?
Gabriel values justice, and being willing to help others in need. He makes an effort to be perceptive, and know when others need help.

What he would do for a first date?
Your first date with this young man will be one you won’t forget. Gabriel will make sure you have a fun time, whatever you do, and involve you in deciding what to do. Be it a movie, dinner, the mall, or perhaps an activity in Allare. He will make sure you leave a happy girl. ;)

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
Gabriel is indeed looking for a long-term relationship. And, ladies, you won’t find a finer young man. ;) Except perhaps those above mentioned.

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
Gabriel does tend to trust too easily, and he tends to get overly angry about injustice in the world. If a wrong has been done to someone he loves, it angers him, and he may take matters into his own hands to fix it (even if it’s dangerous). While this seems admirable, it can lead him into trouble. Also, he hates pizza.

Gabriel: IT’S NOT A FAULT.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
Be assured that Gabriel will bring you chocolate. Or dessert after dinner. :3 And also flowers, if he has time. ;)

So what do you think, ladies? Do any of these four men catch your eye? They’re all fine young men, and all very much single. But we have two more now, and then ya’ll can tell me which of my boys you like best. ;)

Talyx is a young man of sixteen years, hailing from the Wattpad story The Empire Thief. He’s a mischief maker, and a skilled thief. While those may not be stellar qualities in a date, his charm may just make you change your mind. ;)

Tal: Of course it will. I’m irresistible. B3

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
While he’s a bit on the scrawny side, Tal has developed a fair amount of muscle, due to all of his staff-fighting when he was a shepherd, fighting off werewolves and bears and other such predators. With blue eyes and auburn hair, Tal isn’t half bad on the eyes. Though his hair may hang in his eyes on occasion. He seems to have an aversion to cutting it to a manageable length. XD

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Tal likes most any kind of food, and as for music, his tastes haven’t quite matured, but he does appreciate good folk tunes from his home. ;)

What’s his family like?
Ahh, now this is a subject best not broached with Talyx. A safer subject would be his “adopted” brother, Ferret. ;) He and Ferret are closer than brothers (of which he has three younger), and they look out for each other. If you want Talyx on his best behavior, it may be wise to bring along Ferret (available for an additional fee).

Tal: *huffs* My family is fine. They just had me leave because I’m no use to the flock anymore. *shrugs* It’s not their fault. They were fun.

Why he would be a great date?
Tal brings a kind of… adventure to a date. He has manners, but tries to bring a bit of impish mischief to liven up the date. ;) If you’re not averse to a kiss or two, Talyx will be the perfect date for you. ;)

Tal: *grins impishly*

Things he values?
Talyx values his freedom, and what close friends he has (like Ferret). And he is learning to value the well-being of others outside this circle.

What he would do for a first date?
If you like unconventional dates, Talyx is probably your go-to man. He’ll take you around the city, show you the sights, and perhaps teach you a thing or two about lightening the purses of the wealthy. ;)

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
This fellow is currently looking for a quick date. But ladies, I assure you, it will be a date to remember. ;)

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
As said previously, Talyx is a thief, so you may want to check your purse after the date. He is also prone to stealing a kiss or two (or three, or four…) from pretty ladies like yourselves, and be prepared.

Tal: I fail to see how those are faults.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
Talyx will likely bring you a small gift (best not to ask if he bought it or not). As for promises… it’s hit or miss, but his charm will ease your mind on that account, and you will have a lovely time.

How’s he looking, ladies? Intrigued? We have one more young man for your consideration today.

Wesly “Wes” Hawkins comes from the Fence Jumpers world. A bit of a “bad boy” type of guy, who makes him home in the streets of the abandoned sector of Cincinnati. Wes is a quiet, snarky guy. He doesn’t get too close to anybody, but should you date him… may be best to wear sneakers to the date. You may need to dash. ;)

Wes: As fun as it would be to watch a girl run in heels… I would strongly agree.

How does he look? Eyes, hair, any tattoos or scars. What’s his style?
Wes tends to go for the rugged look, with simple jeans and shirts, perhaps a dark hoodie. He also goes for the “tall, dark, and handsome” look, too. ;)

Wes: *grins* As for tattoos… *spreads his arms* It may involve removing my shirt… ;)

Oi, you. >_>

What kind of music? What kind of food?
Pizza is always a favorite with Wes. Pancakes and coffee won’t go amiss, either. ;) As for music… he enjoys popular songs, but not too loud.

What’s his family like?
Wes: My brother overdosed, my dad left us, and my mom died. End of story. >_>

…Well, you heard it ladies. But his adopted family is chock FULL of fun kids of all ages. ;) You’ll be made right at home with the Fence Jumpers.

Why he would be a great date?
Wes would make a great date because–

Wes: I’m a fun guy, honest. ;) I don’t bite, and I know how to hold a conversation with a girl. I’ll pay for dinner, dessert, and maybe wine. B)

Things he values?
Wes values bringing justice on the corrupt politicians of his city, and protecting the kids of the streets to suffer because the corruption. He also values protecting kids from the life he’s had to live.

What he would do for a first date?
Like Talyx, Wes would take you on a date you wouldn’t forget. But first: a nice dinner, because you can’t run on an empty stomach. ;) He may take you on a run through the abandoned district, or perhaps to see the landmarks of Cinci. If Nabbers come by, be sure to get ready to run. If you visit his big adopted family under the streets, be sure you come with good running gear. ;)

Wes: Basically I won’t disapprove if you date me in jeans and a hoodie. We’re all chill here.

…Yes. That.

Looking for long term relationship or just a quick date?
Wes is currently looking for a quick date for now, ladies, but as I said before, it won’t be one to forget. ;)

We’ve had our pros, what are the cons?
Wes is more or less a known criminal–

Wes: They have no proof.

–and a vandal. >_> And he socializes with the shadier residents of the city, but he’ll keep you safe. He’s also a little prone to flirting if he finds a girl. He is, however, more selective than Talyx.

Flowers, chocolate, or promises he doesn’t intend to keep?
Wes will likely treat you to something special after dinner, never fear. ;) And if he makes a promise, he will keep it.

Wes: Dang right I will. >_>

So those are my bachelors, ladies! Let me know which you think would make the PERFECT Valentine’s Day date. B) Unfortunately you can’t keep them, but it’s fun to image where the date would go, yes? ;)