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NaNo Novel Tag

I am here with a tag! Wendy over at Jumping Bean has made a fun tag where we get to quite literally squeal and fangirl about our NaNoWriMo novel. So thank you Wendy for tagging me! ^_^ Go check out her blog and the story she’ll be doing this year. It’s really adorable!

This is a freeform tag, really. You basically just get to talk about your novel. Just a blurb and introduce MCs? Absolutely. Blurb, characters, and an in-depth discussion of the themes? For sure. Plot shrouded in mystery where even you have no idea what’s going on? Perfect.

Get the idea? You talk about your novel. The sky’s the limit. Maybe even space. And beyond.

So yeah, you guys get to hear me squeal about my novel. B) If the linkup post wasn’t enough. ;)

However, there are a few rules. ;)

  1. Thank the person who tagged you!
  2. Explain a bit about the tag.
  3. Chat about your novel.
  4. Tag at least 5 friends to do it too! (and let them know they’ve been tagged)

My novel, The Lost Crown, is a high fantasy novel set in a desert kingdom. The king has lost several marbles, and the last marble rolls away when he puts his throne and the kingdom up for grabs through a competition when the best fighter wins. Tiryz is the son and apprentice of a swordsman, and when he’s sent to win the throne in the place of his dying father, he’s anything BUT enthusiastic. Tiryz would rather study the stars or the plantlife of the desert. When he meets Prince Farin, who has gone undercover to take back his birthright,Tiryz offers to help him get it back. While Tiryz knows little about fighting, they will have to face the toughest fighters of the kingdom, and a thief who has supernatural help that has an agenda of its own…

I’m really excited to write this, because instead of the POV being the hero’s, the POV is the sidekick, Tiryz. :3 I’ve never done a story from this angle, but as Tiryz is a precious fluffy squirrel, I’m eager to see how it goes. The relationship between Tiryz and Farin is going to be lovely, because they essentially become brothers-in-arms. Tiryz is helping Farin, but Farin also kind of helps Tiryz become a little braver.

Prince Farin.

A third character in this story is Jade, a thief with an eye for shiny baubles. On any normal day, Jade’s not much of a fighter (but she can be scrappy), but when she steals a genie in a ring, she enters the competition with three wishes to her name, and she doesn’t intend to lose.

However, the genie has his own plans. He’s sick of being a wish-slave, so he’s plotting his freedom and vengeance. He currently has no name, but he’s going to be deliciously malicious and fun to write. B)


I’ve gotten it all outlined at present. I used K.M. Weiland’s Three Act format, and that was really fun to work with. I’m most looking forward to the climax. A lot of feels will be going down there. B) Tiryz and Farin, while they get along, have their differences. Farin is a prince, and Tiryz is a peasant. Farin was trained with the sword, and Tiryz… was too, but he’s not very good at it. Farin is brave and gutsy, Tiryz is timid and a bit clutzy. He’ll get on Farin’s nerves sometimes, even if he means well, so it will be interesting to see how it shapes their relationship. :3


I don’t have much in the way of deep stuff about The Lost Crowns, so there you go. :3 I’m venturing into both the familiar and unfamiliar this year (as opposed to the totally unfamiliar with last year’s steampunk mystery). I’ll be writing fantasy, but my POV isn’t the protagonist. The sidekick gets the spotlight this time.

Now, I’m supposed to tag people, but… I’m not sure who all is doing NaNo. o.o So… let me know if you are, and I shall tag thee? ;) Sound fair?

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