Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Fantasy Novel Title Reveal!

So the post title probably gives it away, but I wanna build up for dramatic effect. ;)

About four years ago, roughly, I began a high fantasy novel. It evolved in part from some old draft of a story that won’t see the light of day (partly because the worlds these stories are set in are the same), but I began a journey that would literally grow with me, and begin to grow on me. Characters changed, have come and gone, the world has changed and shifted. Drastic changes small changes only I would know were made. It’s brought me to tears and made me grin and wiggle.

Suffice to say I love this story. I love the characters in it, and everything about it. It’s currently in its 4-5 draft, but as a total rewrite due to plot and character issues. It’s going really well so far, and while it feels awkward as any first draft would, it feels right.

And I haven’t had that feeling in a very long time.

However, this undertaking has gone nameless since day one. Way back, I slipped in late to some writerly workshop at a homeschool conference, and I heard the speaker say to not title a story until it’s done. I may have been following that advice with this novel, and/or I just didn’t know what the title would be.

Until now.

Recently I’ve been trying to find a title for this novel. There have been a few options I liked, but nothing seemed very unique. But a week ago one came, and while it sounded a bit dark, it sounded right.

My novel’s title is………

I honestly really love it. X3 It’s a little dark, but that’s kind of how it is. It's not doom and gloom 24/7 in the story (there are rays of hope!), but the MCs aren’t facing off against evil teddy bears. They’re facing an emperor who has spilled blood to get where he is, and an elf who will do anything to get what he wants, especially if it means dragging the son of his enemy into the shadows first. The heroes are caught up in a rebellion in a new world, one that their own parents believed in. This time it’s their turn, with a few other issues along the way.

Yes, I’m inwardly flailing and geeking out over the connections of the title with my novel. But I really think this is it, guys. This current draft, this title. It’s all going well.* I’m excited to see how the draft goes this time. :D

*Now watch as I lose control of it all again and resume square one.

To accompany the title reveal, here’s a blurb about the novel. ;) Keeping in mind that this is as rough draft blurb and subject to change. The title is too, for that matter, but I’m more confident about the stability of the title than I am the blurb. XD

Lilly and Gabriel learn in the blink of an eye that the supposedly crazy stories their father would try to tell them are true. They’re real. They weren’t born in Chicago, but in another world entirely. And after fifteen years, someone is looking for their dad, and something he stole, and has finally track him down.
Lilly is separated from her older brother and her father and meets a band of eight brothers who are off to restart the rebellion their parents tried to fight. Armed with an amulet from her father that supposedly has magical capabilities, Lilly sets out to make it whole and use it to help Gabriel and her friends, and get home.
Gabriel, reeling from the death of his father, is taken under the wing of his dad’s old friend and associate, who takes a great interest in Gabriel for reasons that aren’t quite clear, but that it involves dark magic.
Both siblings believe the other to be in danger, and they’re determined to do whatever it takes to rescue each other. Even if it’s at the cost of another’s life, or at the cost of their own.

So there you have it. :3 Like I said, it’s a rough draft blurb, but it gives the gist of the novel. :3 Thanks for reading this far! :D Let me know what you think in the comments! About the title or EOBAS’s blurb. :3


  1. Whoot! I love it, so intriguing. And I'm so happy this draft is going well for you. It's a rare and beautiful thing for a story to feel Right as you're writing it. All the best to you <3

    1. Thank you! ^_^ It's been a really change from the bumpy drafts. o.o


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