Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Q&A Tag!

So it’s been a while since I’ve posted, really for lack of knowing what to post than anything. It would be fun to do writerly posts, but I never know what to say that’s not already been said. XD

I do have a couple ideas in the works, though, but today I would refresh the blog with the Q&A Tag. Wendy darling tagged me, and it looks kinda fun. Thank you Wendy! ^_^

Ze rules:

  • Tag the Blogger(s) who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions you were given.
  •  Nominate 10 bloggers.
  •  Let them now they’ve been tagged.

Questions I must answer:

What beast would you take into battle?
Dragons. Always dragons.

Would you rather live in a medieval world or a sci-fi one?
Medieval. :3 Although the lack of plumbing or electricity might make it a little rough… But I suppose that depends on how wealthy I am. Am I rich? I shall be rich. B)

Gandalf or Dumbledore?
Gandalf, for sure. He is a lovely wizard and is very wise. :3

Be honest; would you be tempted by the One Ring or not?
Ooh… I think I would be. Part of me also thinks that while I might be, I’m not sure I would give in to it all the way… Left by myself long enough, probably. I’d be tempted, but some corner would know it would be wrong…

It could really go either way as to which side wins.

What kind of action movie do you most prefer (military, espionage, etc.)
Prooobably espionage? That tends to be what I enjoy. That, and superheroes (Marvel).

Team Cap or team Iron Man?
Team Cap all the way. My Hufflepuff personality can’t choose anything but Captain America. XD

But that said, after having watched Captain America: The Civil War I do see where Tony’s stance is coming from. But I think in the end, I’m still Team Cap. :3

Do you enjoy classic literature/poetry?
I do. Not poetry, really (I have a hard time getting into any poetry), but I do enjoy many classics. Jane Austen’s novels and Huck Finn are my favorites.

Would you wear a cape or a cloak?
Cloak. I’m a total fantasy/medieval girl, so those sorts of things will usually grab my attention. XD With cloaks you can wrap yourself in them and be mysterious with a hood and be warm. With a cape I feel like I’d be checking every other second to make sure it’s still there, or forget it’s there altogether. XD

What are you most likely to get put in jail for?
Oh, mercy, I have no idea… Either making government/the court or something angry (think God’s Not Dead 2, but not in a teacher setting. That kind of circumstance, though), or, if I really went off the deep end, identity fraud/cons/whatnot. With a writer background I could make up some pretty cool identities, I think. B)

So there’s that. XD

Weapon of choice?
A knife/dagger. I’d say sword, but I think using a closer-range weapon would be better. That, or a sniper rifle. I can hide and pick off the opposition. B)

And that’s it! Those last two were a bit incriminating. XD So now you all have some theories to work with if I ever disappear without warning. ;)

My questions for those tagged:
1. Early bird or night owl?
2. If you could learn a language, what would you learn?
3. You can have two fictional characters to be your pocket pals (small enough to fit in your palm/pocket), who are they?
4. Favorite classic fairytale?
5. Would you rather fly or have superspeed?
6. You have a villainous lair. What does it look like?
7. You have a right-hand man (or woman) in said lair. Which fictional character is he/she?
8. Dinner with an author (living or dead). Who do you choose?
9. Favorite snacking food?
10. Last song listened to?

Those I tag:
Katelyn Buxton
K.T. Ivanrest
Zac T. Austin
Bethany A. Jennings
Briana da Silva
Nate Philbrick
Abigayle Ellison
And you! (I don’t know who else to tag. o.o So if go for it if you want it! :D)

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Book Review: Magnus Chase: The Sword of Summer (Rick Riordan)

Magnus Chase knows his way around the streets of Boston pretty well. He knows the best falafel place, and where to go if cops or social workers get too nosy. After his mother died in a fire, Magnus has been living on the streets, avoiding anyone who would try to place him in the system. And also avoiding his Uncle Randolph, a man his mother warned him away from.

That is, until Randolph catches Magnus in his own house. After that, everything changes for Magnus. He learns that the Norse myths his uncle keeps raving about are true, and the Norse deities along with them. Magnus and his duo of misfit guardians have only days to find the Sword of Summer, or else the end of the world arrives in grand style.

The Sword of Summer is a lengthy read, but it’s full of action and thrills. Magnus and his friend are quite literally chased all over the nine Norse realms in search of the titular weapon. Magnus barely has time to adjust to his sort of dead situation before he rushes back out into the world. The plot moves along quickly, with new obstacles that are determined to kill Magnus and his friends.

Magnus’s character development was good. He starts out as not exactly knowing what he’s meant to do, and feeling rather confused (who wouldn’t?). But I like how he begins to adjust and understand his role in the grand scheme of things. He begins to understand his friends, and he learns to face his fears.

The villain that appears first, the Fire Giant Surt, only seems to make one appearance before other Norse monsters are out for Magnus’ demigod blood. But Surt isn’t the real villain, it turns out. Fenris Wolf is. I would have maybe liked to see a little more foreshadowing into that, but Fenris was an intimidating villain. And he was just about the only character who didn’t try to crack a joke every other sentence. The humor in this book was funny, to be sure, but there were times when it was too much. It felt too heavy, and I was wishing that someone would keep a serious face for longer than a scene.

The worldbuilding was really neat, with multiple levels due to the realms in Norse mythology. Each new world was unique, and full of its own hurdles for the heroes to crash through.

My favorite character, Hearthstone, was a key element in the climax and I like how his arc came together at the end. His handicaps became an asset at the end, and it cool to see how he was tied in to it.


Gore/violence: There's a LOT of fighting monsters and such, but nothing is in detail.

Profanity: If any, it may have only been referenced.

Sexual content: Not that I recall.

Other: Norse deities are considered real (as with any other deities in Riordan’s works). Mention of Jesus “refusing” Thor’s challenge, or some such event. Characters drink mead. Magnus steals, and he believes it to be okay because he steals from "snobby" rich.