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Beautiful People Linkup: Ferret

I return with yet another Beautiful People linkup hosted by Cait and Sky! :3 Today I thought I’d showcase a character from my Wattpad story The Empire Thief. Ferret is the best friend of the protagonist Talyx. They met as young children in one of the cities, both very alone and very much in need of each other. Talyx because he can’t hear well, and Ferret because his left arm is gone from the elbow down. These two are like brothers, and they watch each other’s backs as they thieve in the streets. Ferret is Tal’s more sensible half, but he needs Tal just as much as Tal needs him, for more reasons than just his arm.

1. Give a brief overview of their looks. (Include a photo if you want!)
Ferret is about sixteen years old, with not very much that stands out about his appearance. He has short brown hair that curls naturally, and watchful brown eyes. His clothes are almost always worn through, ripped and dirty. His smile is friendly, though cautious, and his features are in general handsome, making their way from boyhood to manhood. But he’s still got the glitter of mischief in his eyes, and a smile to hold the attention of ladies while Talyx picks their pockets (usually it’s Tal who draws their attention, but Ferret wants some of that part too. ;)).

Isn't he adorable? :3 (Image found via Pinterest)

2. Share a snippet that involves description of their appearance.
Kinda spread out, but. :3 I also realized I hadn’t described him well, so I edited in the proper elements for a couple snippets. ;)

"Wagon's coming." Ferret made a rolling motion with his right fist, his left arm – missing from the elbow down – moved in a similar motion before Ferret realized and stopped.

 * * * *

“I require something to be stolen. You two, I have no doubt, will be able to succeed.”

“And commit treason. You forgot that part.” Tal looked up as Ferret touched his shoulder in alarm.

“What?” Ferret's brown eyes had grown wide.

* * * *

Ferret didn't reply right away. Tal looked at him. “Don't tell me you're rethinking this.”

“No. I don't know.” Ferret ran his hand through his brown curls. “Just… it's only a baby, Tal. What's Garitt gonna do with him?”

3. What is the first thing people might notice about them?
At first, perhaps his face. He looks innocent and unassuming, but he’s as much a thief as his best friend is. It and his missing arm help him look less suspicious.

4. What are their unique features? (Ex: freckles, big ears, birthmark, scars, etc.)
His left arm is missing from the elbow down. Perhaps a sharp jaw-line, but that may also be from not eating enough. Although I suspect too it will be a feature in his manhood. B)

5. How tall are they? What is their build (Ex: stocky, slender, petite, etc.)
Ferret is probably about average height (perhaps an inch or two taller than Talyx), and I think he’s a bit on the scrawny side.

6. What is their posture like? How do they usually carry themselves?
Ferret may hunch over a little. He carries himself with caution, as if he might be followed and he’s wary of his surroundings.

7. Your character has been seen on a “lazy day” (free from usual routine/expectations): what are they wearing and how do they look?
Most likely his usual ragged clothes. He probably looks about the same as he always does. He may try to use the free time to clean himself up a little, though.

8. Do they wear glasses, accessories, or jewelry on a regular basis? Do they have any article of clothing or accessory that could be considered their trademark?
Ferret carries a small knife with him, if that counts as an accessory? XD

9. Have they ever been bullied or shamed because of their looks? Explain!
Oh yes. His missing arm gives meaner street thieves reason to bully him and make fun. Even haughty rich folk may take a jab at him. In the country Ferret lives in, shepherding sheep is a crucial role (as the economy revolves a lot around sheep and sheep products). So if you’re a shepherd, and you find yourself unable to effectively protect your flock against predators, especially werewolves, you have no place at the dinner table. You must find your living elsewhere, and that’s where most of the homeless in the cities come from. Ferret is the same. His arm left him unable to properly defend his flock, so he was essentially exiled from home. Now, his arm is the source of teasing. He’s used to it by now, and ignores the cruel jabs, but sometimes it still hurts. Although it tends to rile up Talyx more than it does Ferret.

10. Are they happy with how they look? If they could change anything about their appearance, what would it be?
He would want his arm back, for sure, but I think Ferret is fairly content with how he looks.

So that’s Ferret. :D What do you make of him? Have any characters he might get along with? :D

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