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10 Fictional People I Would Take On Vacation (link-up with My Lady Bibliophile)

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So I saw this on Annie’s blog, and I thought it looked kind of adorable! This was started by Schuyler, so you should go check out the blogs of these lovely ladies. ;)

Anyway, if I were to go on vacation with fictional characters, there are certain roles that need to be filled for a well rounded vacation crew. So who goes where??

And let's face it, with this group of crazies I picked we're gonna have that pink flamingo.

~ The Cook ~
Every vacation needs food. People need food. Any pets need food. For all we know food might need food (who knows, my crew and I might be growing our own veggies on this trip!). Food is vital to this expedition. Otherwise we're all gonna die.

So we need somebody who knows their stuff in the kitchen. So I’m bringing Bilbo Baggins (The Hobbit). Hobbits and food go together, it's just how it is. So in order that we don’t starve and have to subsist on fast-food the whole trip, Bilbo will be our cook. He fed thirteen dwarves, I feel confident he can feed us.

~ The Storyteller ~
What’s a vacation (or campfire) without stories? Spooky stories, action stories, romantic stories, what have you. A nice evening around a fire with a story or two will help everyone settle down for the night, perhaps accompanied by music.

For the role of storyteller, I’m bringing along Jo March (Little Women). She’s a writer, and she has a stock of stories just waiting to be told. She will keep our group glued to their seats, listening with anticipation to her stories. And who knows, she may have audience participation and create a play!

~ The Musician ~
After a day of fun and adventure, campfires and music likely will close out the evening. Perhaps also with stories, but likely there’ll be people among us who enjoy singing, so we need somebody who can sing and play well.

I would choose Menolly (Dragonsong trilogy). Menolly is a superb singer, and I believe she plays instruments well too, so she covers that corner. Plus, she comes with, like, nine fire lizards. Basically mini cousins of dragons.

Dragons, guys.

~ The Adventurer ~
We need someone who will spark our sense of adventure, especially in the face of the unknown. Someone who will coax us into going places perhaps not on the itinerary, or exploring areas mankind has yet to go.

For this, I’d pick Hitch Hitchcock (Storming). He’s a daring, adventurous guy, with a love for travel and flying, so I think he’d stir up our sense of adventure quite well. Plus, he comes with a plane. And a dog. But mostly the plane.

~ The Comedian ~
We need a good source of laughter, the kind where you can’t stop until you’re crying. It lightens the mood when things get a little too gloomy (because let’s face it a lot of these people have their angsty sides and will need hugs). So we need somebody who will wake up the smiles and make the darkness go away for a while.

Leo Valdez (the Heroes of Olympus series) is my go to. This boy is hilarious. I’m pretty sure he’s made of 100% humor and fun. Like everybody else, he does have a quieter, troubled side, but his humor and teasing are his primary functions, and he’ll be sure to keep the crew laughing. Likely when everybody’s supposed to be sleeping.

~ The Counselor ~
Sometimes, we may run into problems among ourselves. Characters may argue up a storm, or someone may have their own issues they’re struggling to deal with. In either case, someone they can go to for advice will be useful. Someone who can offer help, or be a mediator in an argument.

For this role, I choose Rupert Greeves (Ashtown Burials series). Rupert is a guy who is usually pretty chill, and I think he’d be a good third-party for any squabbles, or a good person to go to if anyone has something their struggling with. He’s wise, and I don’t think he’d be stingy with his wisdom at all.

~ The Defender ~
With characters like these, our vacation is likely going to have danger on its heels. The characters may have natural enemies, or we may have run-ins with thieves. Either way, we’re going to need protecting. Us, our belongings, those chocolate chip cookies…

Our vacation crew’s protector will be Mott (Ascendance trilogy). This guy is amazing. He’s a brilliant swordsman, strong (if you’ve read book three you know what I mean), and he’s not afraid to put people in their place when he needs to. While he only uses a sword, I’ll bet he could be taught to use a gun if he needed to.

~ The Medical Help ~
Injuries are quite likely with this crew on vacation. Scrapes or gashes (of varying degrees of severity),  severed sprained or broken limbs, sickness, what have you. Disaster could strike at any time, so we need to travel with somebody well-versed in the medical field so nobody dies. Because that would suck.

Arthur Conly (Elsie Dinsmore series) is our man of medical means. He might be only a country doctor, but he’s skilled, so he’ll serve us well whenever somebody gets hurt or sick. He’s a nice guy, and I could see him trying to distract the patient from the pain, giving them comfort and being honest with them.

~ The Mechanic ~
What if our vehicle breaks down? Or some electrical-whatsit shorts out? Or… what if we needed to break in someplace, or break somebody out (you never know with this group. Things could happen)? We’d need a mechanic to make sure our wheels keep turning and our toaster continues to give bread a charming golden crispiness.

Cinder (Cinder) would be the mechanic of the group. She’s a genius at it, and I’m pretty sure she could fix anything we broke. She may even able to improve it, too. I wouldn’t put it past her. She would make a useful addition to our group, and she’s just a fun girl overall.

~ The Pastor ~
To help make sure the crew doesn’t stray off into doing the wrong things on this trip, and to provide quieter, refreshing times of worship and study, we can bring someone in a pastor role. That way, we’ll be able to rein in the boisterous activity now and again. And, most likely, some of these characters need to hear God’s Word in the first place (so it’s like, vacation and witnessing at the same time).

Father Tiempo (Outlaws of Time series) would be my pick. I think he would provide a wealth of knowledge and wisdom about God, and possibly partner up with the Counselor to help anybody who needed it.

My second choice here would be Validus (the War of the Realms trilogy). Validus would be excellent in this role too. However, he’s an angel, so he can’t really be seen by anybody. So that could be a bit problematic.

So that’s the crew I’d vacation with! :D A hobbit, a writer, a Harper, a barnstormer, a demigod, the Avengel (or Blood Avenger), a swordsman, a country doctor, a cyborg, and a time-traveling priest. Sounds like an action-packed time to me. B) I’m tempted to write this vacation down. XD

…It’ll be a miracle if we all survive.

What you think? :D Who would get along best with each other? Who would be at each other’s throats before we even got in the car? What sorts of trouble and adventure would we run into? :D

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