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Favorite Fictional Families

Family is a theme that pops up in nearly everything I write. It just happens. People who are actually family members, friends that have been family to the main character for eons, a character who is a friend to the MC but has been like a mother/father to them. Anything. I don't know why, but I really love it. I enjoy the relationships grow stronger in the stories, or finding family relationships I hadn't realized.

So, in no particular order, I want to share some of the family relationships I've read and/or watched that I enjoyed seeing. :3 I'll include ones from my own novel too because I can and because I want to tell you all all about it. ;) It still counts!

1. Gladers in The Maze Runner.
I loved learning about the organization of the Glade, and how the boys had created their own community. They didn't baby each other, but they did look out for each other and upheld their community's rules when they needed to

2. Silas and Bod in  The Graveyard Book.
I loved the way Silas was kind of like a father to Bod. He wasn't always around, but he provided Bod with advice and wisdom about the world, and he was there when Bod needed to be rescued. Silas looked after him, even when Bod began to get restless and explore the world outside of the graveyard.

3. My novel's villains.
In my fantasy novel, I have two villains. One is an emperor, and the other is the emperor's adviser. Behind these professional ranks, these two are as close as brothers. They grew up together as kids, and they both ran away from home, joined by the adviser's older sister. Both were searching for something, and they wouldn't let each other go alone. The sister, naturally, wasn't about to let her younger brother, who was born very ill, run off to who knew where, and so she joined them. I love the relationships between the villains. The emperor and adviser are like brothers to each other, and they've helped each other get to where they are today. While they can rub each other the wrong way sometimes, they would do all they could to help each other out.

The emperor.
The adviser.

4. The Mysterious Benedict Society kids.
The way these four became like family to each other is adorable. They each have their own unique abilities, and they use them to help cover where the others lack. Mr. Benedict brings them all together, and he's like a grandfather-figure to them, and helps them hone their abilities.

5. Phil and his team in Agents of Shield.
This. I love seeing the way the agents have developed a kind of familial system, how they watch each others backs and support each other, or call each other out on something if needed. You can even kind of see a parent-child pattern going on too, which is adorable and funny. Daisy (AKA Skye) pointed it out in season 1 when May and Phil argued in front of the others. She titled them mom and dad, which was a somewhat accurate image. May and Phil are the leading forces of this SHIELD team, and they provide a source of mentoring when it's needed.

5B. Mack and Fitz/Daisy.
Later on in the AoS series we meet Mack. (Warning: spoilers ahead if you've not seen past season 1) When Fitz's brain is damaged after Ward's attempt to kill him and Jemma, Mack becomes a kind of big brother to him. Mack was able to help Fitz communicate, and let him take his time to say what he needed to say. Mack is the same way with Daisy, in a way. He becomes her big brother, giving her a nickname and having her back as she begins to form a team of inhumans. Overall, Mack is basically the older brother-figure for a lot of the agents, and he's awesome for it.

6. Tadashi and Hiro in Big Hero 6.
Big Hero 6 is an adorable movie, and I loved seeing the relationship Hiro and Tadashi had. Tadashi looked out for Hiro, even when it seemed Hiro had pushed Tadashi's last buttons to make his temper snap. Tadashi tries to redirect Hiro's restlessness to things that are productive (and legal). They bickered, sure, but they loved each other far more.

7.My novel's 8 brothers.
In my novel, there is a family of 8 brothers. About fifteen years before the start of the novel, their parents started a rebellion against the king (who is now emperor). The rebellion failed hardly before it was able to really take off. But now, fifteen years later, the boys have become men, and it's time for them to step up. But before this, they have all had to work to support each other. But even when they argue (the oldest brother and youngest brother tend to have the biggest strain), there's nothing they wouldn't do for each other. I've loved watching their interactions and relationships unfold.

The two bottom middle guys are supposed to be blonds, though.

8. The Leverage Team.
This group is similar to Agents of SHIELD. There's a parent-child kind of structure going on here. Nate and Sophie are essentially the dad-mom duo of the team, the overall masterminds of their cons. They direct the others and keep them all from killing each other. Elliot has his moments of being a big brother to Parker, which shows a gentler side to his usually gruff and tough demeanor. While they have an eventual romantic arc developed between them, Hardison can be another big-brother character for Parker, but he's usually the brother that gets roped into his sister's less-than-legal antics in an effort to keep her from getting killed. And Parker is just that really, really disturbing sister that can scare the daylights out of everyone in the family, but she's just so adorable no one really wants to discourage the behavior and they just force a smile and go "Yay! Good for you! :3" There are a lot of ways these characters can bug each other to death, but they have each others' backs when it really counts.

9. The Masons in Falling Skies.
I know I already fangirled about this family in a different post, but the Mason family is one of my most favorite fictional families ever. Tom is a very supportive father to his three sons, but he knows when to put his foot down and be firm with them. The brothers, Hal, Ben, and Matt, have the usual sibling bickering now and again, but they also display affection for each other, giving each other high-fives in passing, and just in general acknowledging each other, even if they simply are on scene to walk by. Hal and Ben have a lot of conflict later in the series, but they also know to protect each other, and cover for where the other might be lacking.

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So there you have it, some of my favorite fictional families! :3 What are some of your favorites? :D Tell me in the comments!

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