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Beautiful People Linkup: Kedmir

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Today for Cait and Sky's Beautiful People Linkup, I want to introduce to you all one of my characters from my untitled high fantasy novel. :D Kedmir Annor is the third oldest in a family of 8 brothers. He's a sweetheart, and he's curious about the inner workings of just about anything. A friend of mine has a female character which she didn't need anymore, so with a bit of work we found a way to put her character into my fantasy world, and so now she and Kedmir are a couple post-book (we have planned out much of their life, and their children).

What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor you based him off?
I don't know if anything really inspired him. I created him and his brothers ages ago, and he just arrived with the rest. I don't think I based him off of anyone either (I'm so exciting, I know), but like a lot of my characters, he has a little bit of me in him. He always needs to be doing something with his hands. Just fiddling and creating with little scraps of leather or metal will keep him content happy.

Describe his daily routine.
It really depends on what kind of work he finds. He does odd jobs and errands to help provide a source of income for his family, and pitches in during harvest time. He probably enjoys working at the leather shop best. Then he can take the unneeded scraps home for his own tinkering.

If he joined your local high school, what clique would he fit into?
I'm not sure what cliques are at my local high school (being a homeschooler), but he might fit in with the "nerd" clique. Or just a group that's into engineering or tinkering with anything. Anything he can do or experiment with with his hands, he's all over it.

Write a list of things he merely tolerates. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in his life…
The imperial soldiers in town, reed hearts (he doesn't like eating those), his family being looked upon with suspicion (just barely tolerating that), and (depending on his mood) his aunt. For the most part I think he a pretty easy-going guy.
How does he react in awkward silences?
I think he kind of lets it be, if there are more people involved than just himself and someone else. If it's just him and one other person, he may comment on the weather, or just keep silent. It might depend on the situation.

Can he swim? If so, how did he learn?
Yes he can, and very well. Kedmir learned almost as soon as he could walk. Way back when he and his brothers and parents lived by the ocean, his father taught most of them how to swim very early on. His father would take him into the shallows of the ocean and teach him.

What is one major event that helped shape who he are?
Probably the death of his parents. It was tragic, and it thrust him into a large role of responsibility at a young age, and required that he raise his younger brothers.The death of his parents also led to his and his brothers' living for a short time with the half-elves, and the prince of the half-elves probably helped to reinforce what Shepherd's parents taught him.

What things does he value most in life?
His family, first and foremost. His brothers are everything to him. They've been through a lot together since their parents died, and he had been about nine, which left him and his two oldest brothers (at ages twelve and ten) in charge of raising the other five. He also values honest work, and honor in combat and behavior. He is a gentleman. :3

Does he believe in giving other people second chances? Does he have any trust issues?
I think he does, yes. He might be reluctant, but he knows it's what his father would probably do. To some extent he may be careful about whom he trusts, but he does have moments where he is quick to trust. He's hasty in nature, and that could probably carry over to trusting people quickly, if he is left to himself. For example, when the character of my friend arrived in Kedmir's world, he was very quick to trust her. Circumstances unfolded that made the others suspicious of her, but Kedmir was the first to trust her. :3

Your character is having a rough day…what things does he do to make him happy again? Is there anyone he talks/interacts with to get in a better mood?
Tinkering with scrap leather and/or metal, I think. It distracts his mind, and it helps relieve stress. He might talk to one of his two older brothers, as well, if there was something he needed to get off his chest. But if he went to talk to anyone, most likely he would turn to his younger brother (the one born after him). They're really close, those two, and Kedmir would probably go to him to talk.

So that's Kedmir! What do you all think of him? :D Would any of your characters get along with him?


  1. Shepherd sounds fascinating! When I heard his working name I thought he must have been an actual shepherd XD this is much more interesting (nothing against them though ahah). Wishing you all the best with your writing! One day I hope to read the novel and find out more
    My Beautiful People Post

    1. Thank you, Anna! :D No, he's not a shepherd. XD I gave him the name because post book, and he gets married, he's as protective as a sheepdog. :3 But I figured "shepherd" would be a better name here. XD
      Thank you! :3 I hope you enjoy it when it comes out. :D


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