Saturday, January 9, 2016

Beautiful People Linkup!

Happy belated New Year, my people! :D I hope you all had excellent holidays and such. I started the last leg of college last Monday, and three courses is gonna keep me busy until March, then I'm home free!

So, blog posts might be rare. I do want to try to keep up with this, but school demands attention first. ;)

Anyway! I'm here today with Cait and Sky's first Beautiful People linkup of the year. ^_^ I linked up in the NaNoWriMo editions, so I thought I'd try these ones too. :D

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1. What were your writing achievements last year?
I know I listed these a little in my last post, but pfth.

I finished the first draft of my novel! After ages of rewriting and breaks in between it's finally written. I finished the first editing stage just before 2016, too. B)

I wrote around five short stories, for my own enjoyment. I might work on a few of them for magazines later this year. They were fun to write. Dragons and dolphin mermaids and Cinderella/Snow White mashup are some of them. B)

NaNo happened. It was my first time, and I took on a new genre and won in 22 days. It was super fun, with steampunk and clockwork toys and my darling toymaker and an insane villainess. Plus mystery, and murder. And violins and feels. It's a horrendous mess, but I love it. :3

I finished writing Fence Jumpers. ^_^ That was super fun to write too, and I loved hearing when readers enjoyed it. :3

2. Tell us your top priority writing project this year?
Get my fantasy novel edited (by me and alphas and betas), at least. I want to self publish, but editing comes first. I wanna make sure this is sparkly clean before it makes its debut. :3

I want to try NaNo again this year, God willing. I also have a few story ideas I want to try, and one might be like a script, but we'll see. I might putz with the sequel to my fantasy novel, too.

3. List 5 areas you'd like to work the hardest to improve this year.
1. Different personalities and voices of characters. I want to learn how to write characters who are clever and witty.

2. Researching. Or just reading things so I have a storehouse of trivia I can use for stories. I don't research (NaNo had been the exception), and I think I ought to do at least a little.
3. When I have a potentially controversial theme, I want to learn to not back down from being bold about what I believe. I have a pro-life story I want to do, and I don't want to sugarcoat anything. I also don't want to turn people away from it, but I don't want to just be relaxed about it either.

Something like that, anyhow.

4. I wanna try connecting with more writers. Face-to-face and even online. I want to try to be more communicative on others' blogs, commenting and such. I don't know many writer people well, and I'd like to find more I can get to know. I know online writer friends would be a little different from face-to-face, but still.
5. Finding a balance between using dialogue and using action. I feel like I don't quite have that down (I see while editing that I have a lot of dialogue), and I want to find that nice balance.

4. Are you participating in any writing challenges?
Right now? No. Unless you count school, then yes very, very many. o.o I'll get to write short stories for school, though, so that kind of counts, right? I also, like I said, want to do NaNo again this year.

5. What's your critique partner/beta reader situation like and do you have plans to expand this year?
I have none at the moment. But once I've finished editing my novel, I'll be finding alpha readers to tear it apart next. Then once I've pieced it back together I'll send it to beta readers. :D

6. Do you have plans to read any writer-related books this year? Or are there specific books you want to read for research?
Not really. I might read one of K.M. Weiland's writing books, since I got a free ebook of that. I think I want to read a fair sampling of steampunk novels, too. I do want to someday edit and fix up Clockwork Apprentice, and I think reading steampunk to familiarize myself with its atmosphere will help.

7. Pick one character you want to get to know better, and how are you going to achieve this?
Oh, boy... I don't know. Perhaps Mariel, my MC in Clockwork Apprentice, since her personality developed as I wrote the novel and things about her changed from what I originally planned, so I'd like to figure her out more. I'll likely just think her through or make a brief list of how she would behave, and write her from there.

Another character I think I'd like to get to know is a character I'd totally forgotten about until recently. I forgot I created him, and only remembered him when I saw his Pinterest board. He can see into the future, but only under special circumstances, and I'd like to maybe explore his story and personality more, and maybe add to it two other characters with special powers (a pyro and a mind reader). I usually get to know my babies simply by thinking about them and meandering through their lives. It's fun to see what I can dig up about them.

8. Do you plan to edit or query, and what's your plan of attack?
Editing. So. Much. Editing. Currently I'm editing my fantasy novel, and the first round was simply reading through it to fix up things here and there, or to do a total overhaul of the climax. But now I'm editing and focusing on certain aspects. Now that I've edited the big picture, I feel like I can zoom in on the smaller stuff.

Since I'm self-publishing this, I don't have any querying plans. But I do want to try that route someday. I have a story/series for that method, so we'll see how that goes.

9. Toni Morrison once said, "If there's a book that you want to read, but it hasn't been written yet, then you must write it." What are the books that you want to see more of, and what "holes" do you think need filling in the literary world?
Ooh... I don't know. I feel like I don't wander very far in the literary genres. I love reading Middle Grade, as YA books I've read seems to have a lot more angst mixed in with the action and adventure (keeping in mind I haven't read a lot of YA! I'm sure it has stories without a lot of angst). YA with the same action and adventure of Middle Grade would be super fun.

Holes... Christian fiction. Sci-fi, fantasy, dystopian, contemporary. They could be shelved right alongside other books in a Barnes & Noble or something. Christian novels that confront the issues of our world today, and don't sugarcoat things when it confronts the sin of the world, that other books praise and uplift. It would be nice to see easily accessible Christian fiction like that. Books that send a strong message, but doesn't neglect plot and characters in order to bring the message to the forefront. A nice balance that both Christians and non-Christians would pick up and both enjoy.

I dunno. It'd be nice to see books like that on bookstore shelves beside Divergent or Eragon.

10. What do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?
A nicely polished manuscript of my fantasy novel. A couple more stories (possibly one in script form) at least in first draft stage. Maybe a short story submitted to a magazine. College to be over in March (it will be lovely O_O). Also a Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland crossover (I'm really looking forward to that). I dunno what else. We'll see what God has in store. :D

What about you all? What books do you want to see, or what do you think is lacking in the literary world?


  1. Omg your NaNo book sounds AMAZING. (Murder and violins?!? I LIKE.) And I'm really trying to focus on editing this year too, plus I've seen a lot of other writers mention this...which is kind of awesome right?! If we all get a wriggle on and get busy with our editing?! ;D hehe. Good luck with your self-publishing plans too! SQUEE.

    Thanks for joining in the linkup!

    1. Aww, thank you very much! :3
      Yes! Edit all of the things! The year of the edits. B)

      Thank you! :3 I'm excited to try that route. :3

      Welcome. :D Thank you for hosting it. ^_^

  2. I love fantasy! This is one of the great things about beautiful people- you get to see the different struggles we all go through as writers. Currently I'm trying to find my voice and working towards becoming a professional editor, but I've read people having problems or successes in all sorts of areas. We should all make a group

    1. Yes. :D It's fun to get a peek inside the brains of other writers.

      Good luck in becoming a professional editor. :D
      A group for editing? Excellent. B)

    2. Editing or just a support group for writing. I feel like it would help people to not procrastinate =P

    3. Yesss. :o B) And we can conspire/console each other over the things we do to our darling characters. ^_^

      And maybe give the characters a support group too. XD

    4. Perfect! Ha! My characters def need a support group =P

  3. Your Nano book sound so amazing :-) I hope to read it someday ;-) Good luck with editing. Sadly I'm not there yet , I need to finish my book first. But hope to finish it this year!!!!

    1. Aww, thank you! :3 It's gonna need a lot of work before it's suitable for human eyes. XD ;)
      You'll get there! :D Good luck with finishing it! You got this. B)


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