Monday, December 28, 2015

Books I Need On Screen

Book-to-movie adaptations are fun to see sometimes, but it can be a hit-or-miss event. Some films are spot on with keeping to the book, others are not.

Here are six books/series I want to see turned into films, or television shows. This post is with the mindset that the filmmakers will do an excellent job with keeping to the book(s). But when you daydream anything can be just so. B) So in the order that they come to mind, here are the books I wanna see. :3

1. The Elsie Dinsmore series

This. I want to see this as a TV series. If done well, it could be a charming show. :3 Not the eight updated ones, but the original 28 is what I want. All of them. Perhaps airing on Sundays or Saturdays. It would be lovely, people. :3

2. 100 Cupboards trilogy

All three of these need to be movies. I think it's already been optioned to become a movie, but I've no idea when or anything, so it still counts here. >_> They would make fantastic movies. X3 Maybe I'll try dreamcasting... ;) This needs to happen. The cupboards, the many worlds... It would be an expensive movie but I need it. XD

3. The Rithmatist

Also a movie. This would make such a great movie. And accompanying video game. But one of the chalk duels. O_O I need that on screen. o.o It would have a good creepy factor, too. Definitely one of those dead-silent moments before a chalk monster bursts out from under a door or something. B)

4. This Present Darkness

Hmm... this would probably be a good TV show. It could work as a movie too, but I think a TV might be better. I loved this book, with a peek into the spiritual realm and angels and demons. It would be super cool to see the overlay of that realm and ours, the angels and demons going unseen by humans, but both storylines intersect. It'd be epic, people.

5. The Graveyard Book

This would also work as a TV show. The book itself had separate yet connected adventures in each chapter, and that could play over into a television series. Only one season, but it would be really adorable to see. :3

6. The False Prince

I wasn't sure if I wanted to add this to the list, but I thought why not? I loved the first book, and it could make a fun movie. It might need a little creative license, but it would be hilarious to see Sage's snark. XD I smiled at his dialogue, and I need it.

What about you? What books do you want to see as films or television shows? :D Do you have any cast lists or soundtrack scores for them? Tell me I must know! :3

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