Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 In Review

The eve of 2015 is upon us. o.o This year went by too fast. >_> But it was a really fun year, too. :3 Writing- and reading-wise, I accomplished a lot. ^_^ I thought I'd share a rundown of what went on with me in 2015. :3

1. I have read approximately 40 books this year. :3 I managed to get through the to-reads that had been sitting on my shelf, but then Black Friday and gift cards happened so now it's starting all over. XD But it was super fun reading the books I did. There weren't many that I really disliked, either. ^_^

2. I finished beta reading the manuscripts of two of my friends. I enjoyed them both, and one of them is hopefully to be published in spring of 2016, which I'm super super excited about because it's a fantabulous book and the characters and worldbuilding and plot and themes and ack. X3 I'm just a bit excited, even though it crushed my feels and the fangirl inside me died in the climax. >_> I was in shock and denial. So naturally you all should read it too when it comes out. ^_^

3. I received my first ever e-ARC copy of a book to read and review, so that was super exciting. I reviewed Disenchanted by Janet Ursel, and it was kind of cool to receive a copy of a book that hadn't been released yet. That book was good too, so if you're a fan of Christian fantasy, you might wanna take a look at Disenchanted. ;)

1. I finally finished the first draft of my fantasy novel. O_O I know I've ranted over this before, but this is a big thing guys. This is the book I'm hoping to publish, and it's finally out of the silly starting gate after a lot of backtracking. o.o I don't know when it'll be published, but hopefully soon. :3 It was so much to write, and I love my darling characters, and I loved the unexpected things that happened in it (when it didn't my the story snag. >_>).

2. I wrote five short stories, just for fun. One of them is fanfiction, and another is a fairytale rewrite/mashup of Cinderella and Snow White. B) I really enjoyed writing all of those. I also wrote four very short stories/scenes, again just for fun. One of them is based on Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" because that song is creepy. So what better way to utilize the creepy by giving it a soul-stealing woman? ;) But that was fun to write too, though. I enjoyed all of these little projects. :3

3. I finished my blog's serial story this year! Fence Jumpers is what started this blog back in 2014, and this year I finished it. I really, really enjoyed writing that story, and I loved exploring the characters and watching them all interact together. But I really loved all of the people who read and loved the story as much I did. :3 I enjoyed reading the comments I got here and on Pinterest and hearing how much people enjoyed FJs. I'm super glad it was enjoyed, even when I took a couple breaks to catch up to myself. XD

4. I participated in National Novel Writing Month for the first time, and won! It was really fun to try NaNo this year, and I had a few friends to do it with (which was nice, since I hadn't really wanted to do it by myself). I got a bit excited during the first few days and got ahead of schedule, and I finished about a week before the end of November. ^_^ It was my first try at a steampunk novel, and it was fun. O_O Granted it's a horrendous mass of messiness that needs a lot of work and research and revision, but I'm glad I tried out NaNo. It was a lot of fun and rather satisfying to have written a novel in 22 days.

1. My brother (two years younger than me) got himself married. o.o He's married, guys. :3 The wedding day was fantastic and a lot of fun. X3 I was a bridesmaid, so it was cool to see the behind-the-scenes of wedding goings on, after witnessing a lot of weddings this year/knowing people who have gotten married. It was super fun. :3

2. Falling Skies has come to a close. :< It was a show I found and decided to try it out (having very little previous knowledge of it) and I came to really, really enjoy it. It was a show with whose characters I felt invested in. It's all done now, but it was awesome to have found a show that made me feel attached to even the characters that bugged the daylights out of the others. But I rambled about all that elsewhere. ;)

3. I have discovered a new music band I really enjoy. ^_^ Rend Collective is an Irish Christian band, and their music is really fun. :3 They're reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, with a folk/rock kind of flavor? I'm not sure, but you should look them up! B) I'll even get you started with my favorite. :3

What I Hope To Do (God Willing) in 2016:
1. Whittle down my to-read pile on my shelf again, then once the ones there are done, I might venture to the library to snag a new book or two I've been wanting to try.

2. Finish college. O_O I'm starting my final courses in January, and those should be done around March. I'm so close, people. O_O

3. Continue working on my fantasy novel. I'm hoping that this will be the book I self-publish, and I've made it this far. It still has a ways to go, I'm sure, but, God willing, I will have my darling published sometime. :3

4. Keep working on my other WIPs, and maybe start a couple new ones. I have a Peter Pan/Alice in Wonderland crossover I really wanna do, and a pro-life story that also might involve me writing song lyrics (I am not really musically gifted that way, so I have been kind of putting that off. XD). I would like to keep working on The Empire Thief, because I want to know who gets the girl and what happens to my own MC, people. I have no clue what happens or how I want it to happen. >_>
Click to go read! :3

5. Continue this blog. This blog has, I think, lasted longer than any of my blogs have ever made it, and I really want to keep it going. :3 It's been a lot of fun writing it, even when I'm stumped as to what to write. I do want to try writing posts about writing, but I need to find topics I feel I can discuss and contribute to. I'm sure I'll find other random things to ramble on about.

So there's that. :D Have a happy New Year's Eve/Day, all! ^_^ What are your 2016 writing/reading goals? Or other goals? What fun adventures did you have in 2015? :D

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