Thursday, November 19, 2015

Storyboard Party!

So Elisabeth over at The Second Sentence announced a Pinterest storyboard party a while ago, where writers share their storyboards and talk about all the awesome things about their stories, whether it be a published novel, a work-in-progress, or a story still in the early brainstorming stages. A day to showcase the inspiration we writers have accumulated for the stories running rampant in our minds.

I thought this sounded pretty fun, so I want to share with you four of my stories. Because I love them dearly, with all the drama they cause. They like to do that.

First up is my fantasy novel, which I'm hoping to self-publish. I completed (at last!) the first draft in September in the wee hours of a Saturday morning (because I could), and then I refused to look at the thing and let it sit. It currently has no title, but I'm in love with my little darling. I love everything about it, the characters, the countries, the worldbuilding. It's taken a few years to really come together, and it's still growing, but I'm happy with how it's turned out.

The novel is about two siblings who live on Earth, running away from their current foster home. But They get transported into a whole new world, a world of magic and half-elves and dragons. They become separated when the female MC's brother is kidnapped. She then meets a band of eight brothers who have set out to start a rebellion, and she joins them in order to find her brother.

I have several other boards for the major characters of the novel too, which is probably where you will find the most pins. One thing I've loved seeing in my novel as it has progressed and evolved, is that the theme of family, be it blood-relation or otherwise, runs everywhere, even into the villain territory, which makes it even more exciting. I've seen the theme of family in so many of my characters. The eight brothers have a very strong family bond in their united purpose even if they don't always get along. My main characters are driven by family, the need to find each other in this strange new world. My villains have the aspect too. My two main villains, while not brothers, have a friendship just as strong as brotherhood. One villain has a wife and two children, and the other has a sister who goes to great lengths to help him find a cure for the illness that is killing him. This theme is important to me, even in my own personal life. It comes up in nearly every story I write, and I love that it comes so naturally, and, in this novel, that it's so strong.

Also (small fangirling moment because I can). I love, love my half-elves. Again, they show the family theme almost stronger than anywhere else. They aren't liked by the elves, but the half-elves have refused to let that stop them from making a life for themselves. They offer shelter to anyone who needs it. Their home is yours, their family is yours. I have loved my half-elves since the day I created them. Another character I love is my assassin. He was created years ago, but he has really grown and developed since then. I had given him a name, but I knew it wasn't his real name. I didn't know what it was until just a year or so ago. But I've loved seeing him develop and grow, learning about his past, tragic as it is, and his future. He's my darling boy, even though I make him suffer. A lot. But I'm sure he doesn't mind.

My next storyboard is one I'm sure a lot of you probably are familiar with if you've followed my blog for a while (or even just browsed). Fence Jumpers is a finished manuscript, I suppose you could say. It's my blog's serial story, a dystopian about a gang of teen kids acting as delinquent vandals in order to expose a corrupted mayor.

It's set in Cincinnati, and I had a blast writing it. I started with the idea of kids who basically made it their profession to jump over fences with ease and a sort of grace, and it transformed into a dystopian adventure that thrilled me. I started this blog with the intent to start the story, and as it went on, the Pinterest board I began for it accumulated followers. I would get so excited as, slowly, people commented on pins about the story. I have loved, loved that people were reading, and that they were enjoying! I loved hearing from readers. It was an adventure writing this, and I'm glad there were people who hopped on board. I learned, however, that if I do any more serials, I need to write it from start to finish before posting. With Fence Jumpers I found myself nearing that Saturday morning deadline and having to write that day's installment that week, scrambling to keep up. After a couple breaks to give myself a nice cushion and to make sure things were smoothed out, we reached the finish line with a whole story.

The third storyboard is a WIP, and a novel I hope to make a series, called The Key and the Chest for now. It's also a novel I'm writing in notebooks, and I want to try to publish it someday traditionally. The plot started based on a dream I had, but it has since then evolved, but with the same elements. My main character, after his father is taken hostage by forces of darkness he didn't think existed, needs to find several items that will save his dad and stop the enemy. As I was essentially rebooting the story, I added elements of stories that I liked. I created a kind of secret society, but it's huge and spans the whole world (Earth), and some of its members are real life people. My MC learns he has the ability to summon and use fire. I'm not very far at all in this story, but I'm hopeful that it'll be a good one. Being a series will be an interesting adventure, too

My last storyboard is for a WIP I'm putting up on Wattpad. The Empire Thief is another fantasy novel, about a boy named Talyx who thieves to survive. When he and his friend are forced to steal something precious from the emperor himself, Tal learns that there are things more precious than his own life.

I'm really enjoying writing this, but really figuring out what it's all about is still kind of jumbled, or at least, it's hard to explain. I wanted a story I could write when I was out and about, away from home and access to the devices I usually used for my other writing. I wanted something I could write on my little iPod, so I formulated the Empire Thief. I love the main character, Talyx, because he's exceptionally cheeky and probably the biggest flirt I've written. He has a best friend, Ferret, and they watch each other's back as they fight to survive in the city, covering for their weaknesses (seeing the family theme again?).

But what's both fascinating me and really stumping me is that I really and truly don't know what's going to happen to Talyx. I have at least two or three outcomes for him, and I don't know which I want. There's also a girl involved in this story, and again I really and truly don't know who gets the girl. Not only do I not know, I don't even know who I want to get the girl! I don't know which boy I want to have find their true love. I've never had this problem before, and I really don't know how I'm going to solve it. I can see both boy being very happy with the girl, but I don't know which I want to get it. I tend to lean one way when I try thinking about it, but there's still a level of uncertainty. So for now, I'll be just as in the dark as readers! o.o How's that for writing by the seat of my pants? ;)

So those are some of my current WIPs. :D I hope you enjoyed, and I hope you enjoy reading them, when they're published or if you find FJs or Empire Thief on my blog or on Wattpad (link to Empire Thief is in the "My Writing" page. ;) ).

And because Elisabeth suggested it, I also want to share with you a storyboard from a friend of mine, whose novel she hopes to publish traditionally. I beta'ed her novel, and I have LOVED it. You will surely know when it has been published, because I certainly won't be keeping quiet. Her novel is about a boy named Alastair who lives in a world that worships false gods, and the worship of the one true God is forbidden. But when Alastair accepts the true God as his own, he loses everything. Then he goes, armed with only the strength of his God, to find his mother. Alastair faces many obstacles, but he learns that whatever he faces, he has nothing to fear with God on his side.

Again, I love, love, love her story. I love the characters, the worldbuilding, the themes. It's all so rich and colorful, and the theme isn't sugercoated. There are violent scenes, but it all shows that with God, we who follow Him need not fear even the pain the enemy inflicts.

So you should check out my friend's storyboard for her novel, and the character boards too. :3 And when her book is published you must read it. *nodnod* Read it and love it. ^_^


  1. Thanks so much for joining in! Hmmm...The Empire Thief intrigues me most of your boards—but I love what you said about the family dynamics in your first one. I always enjoy stories with strong or complex family relationships (actually the novel I'm working on right now has a lot of family dynamics in it, which is one of my favorite things about writing it). And I've also got a character whom I've heaped a good deal of misfortune on, even though I'm terribly fond of him. It's kind of a paradox, isn't it? :)

    1. Welcome! :D It was fun writing this post. ^_^ I've enjoyed writing The Empire Thief. The world is smaller than the other fantasy world I've created, but it's still been exciting. :3

      *nodnod* When I read stories I don't often notice the family relationships right away, but it's really fun to think back on them and find them later. :D

      Yesss. xD But then sometimes they like to cause trouble you didn't say they could. >.> ;)

  2. Oooh, "The Empire Thief" looks really cool, and also the "untitled" one.

    And yup, yup, stories can be such drama queens, huh?

    1. Thank you! :D I'm excited about both of them. :3 Especially Untitled. :3

      They can, the stinkers. XD They're like Hobbits. You think you know everything about them, and then... you don't. ;)

  3. So many cool ideas, Olivia! (And #PantsersUnite!) :)

    The Fence Jumpers board is really cool - and the pins for The Empire Thief are definitely intriguing!

    Thanks for sharing. :)


    1. Thank you! :3 (And yesss. XD B) )

      Thanks. :D They've both been exciting to write. :3

      You're welcome. :D Thank you for stopping by! :D


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