Thursday, July 2, 2015

Cover Reveal for Implant!

Hello all! I come to you today with a very fun post. Some may remember way back when I did an author interview with J. Grace Pennington. She's releasing a new book titled Implant, and from the summary I'm kind of excited to add this book to my shelf.

Today is cover reveal day! Miss Pennington has so kindly allowed me to help spread the word. If you haven't picked up her books, you should. I have a review of her novel Never up, and her ongoing Firmament series is excellent. Eagle Crash is whom I fangirl over, and I have been matched as Andi, the protagonist, in a personality quiz.

But this post is about Implant (I'll save my Firmament fangirling for later ;) ). And I will now reveal to you the cover!

Isn't it so sleek and techy? I love the font style used, and it's all so science-y. I'm eager to read!

Welcome to the world of a universal cure. 

Gordon Harding didn't ask for the life he has. He didn't ask to be orphaned. He didn't ask to go through life with cancer. And he certainly didn't ask to be pulled into a future world without warning--a world where every human being is controlled by means of a medical implant.
And when he learns that he's the only one who can destroy the base of operations, he's faced with an impossibly painful choice: either hide and let the world decay under this mysterious futuristic force, or rescue humanity from oppression, knowing that there's someone out there who is willing to use any means necessary to stop him.

Where else you can find Grace:
Designer's website (who is, I think, Grace's sister?):


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    1. You're welcome. ^_^ Thank you for letting me be a part of this. :D I'm eager to get a hold of Implant. :3


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