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Fence Jumpers: Part 46

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Skyler had dozed off when the door slid open. He blinked groggily and looked up, the jolted fully awake at the sight of Horatio. The mayor locked the door.

"What are you doing?" Skyler asked warily.

"Ensuring my investments are not lost." Horatio looked at him. "Your little gang has decided to run rampant in my building. Bringing along hired guns, no less. Do you brats not know when to give up?"

"Not when our friends are in trouble." Skyler smirked. "But hired guns? Pretty sure we don't have the funds for that."

"I don't care how you got them!" Horatio snapped, making Skyler flinch.

"Sir," a voice came over a speaker. "They've gained access to the lab floors."

"What?!" Horatio bellowed, startling Hannah out of her sleep. "How?!"

"They seem to have the clearance for it. They've taken key cards from a few of the staff. Including yourself, sir."

Horatio patted his pockets and snarled. "Don't let them get in here!"

"Yes sir."

"Scared, Horatio?" Skyler smirked as Horatio paced out of view. "I would be. Who knows how many of them are out there? They're faster than your cyborgs, for sure. They even have your guns-- Ahh!"

A needle jabbed into his neck. Skyler barely had time to brace himself for the pain. It wasn't as bad as before, but it still felt like it burned his insides.

"I would rather hear you scream than mock," Horatio hissed. Skyler grimaced, gripping the sheets. He screamed when he couldn't hold it back any longer.


Wes had known the cyborgs were creepy. He had glimpsed them for maybe half a second two years ago. But up close and in daylight? They took on a whole new level of creepy. It made him sick.

They decided to make a mad dash into City Hall and go from there. Wes made up a small team to go down to fetch Skyler and Hannah, and the rest would scamper and scramble around and make security play cat and mouse. Craig had arrived with only four guys, but Wes wasn't complaining. He sent them to keep an eye on the cyborgs outside the Hall. They were all huge guys, so Wes had no doubt they could take the cyborgs down if they had to.

His team consisted of Darcy, Jonah, Grace, Kip, and Tag. Kip and Grace knew their way around down there, more or less. Tag and Jonah would be their lookouts, and Darcy would work her technological magic to get them into places Wes suspected their cards wouldn't.

But Wes hadn't really counted on the cyborgs forming a mass-chase.

The cyborgs, made from both men and women, turned and began to pursue. They weren't fast, but they were definitely faster than Wes expected them to be. They also made short work of the doors to the Hall by simply walking into them to bring them down. The people in the lobby began screaming.

Wes and his team wasted no time in finding the elevator. The cyborgs were trying to maneuver around, which bought them time to get in and shove the stolen security card – Horatio's own card, no less – in the reader.

"Well that was close," Tag panted. "Didn't think those would be that functional so soon."

"Hopefully they'll be too busy up there to come down," Wes said. "Because we really don't need them down there."

"Where are we meeting up with Conway?" Darcy asked.

"We're not," Wes said. "He's going to be taking out security by the back door with Kate. That's our exit. We get in, we get out. With the cyborgs around, Madison's articles might make a comeback."

The elevator stopped. Wes and his team pressed up against the walls on either side of the door. Security guards were waiting. Tag fired the tranq gun twice, bringing them down before a word could be spoken. Wes led them out of the elevator and looked up and down the hall while ammunition and firearms were pilfered.

"Which way?"

"That way." Kip pointed to the left.

A faint scream came from down that direction. Wes bit back a curse and started running. More security showed up, and Kip yanked Wes back around a corner while Grace and Tag fired into their midst.

"Clear," Grace said. Wes ran down the corner, he flew by a door when Grace told him to stop. "Here, Wes!"

They tried all of their cards, even Horatio's, with no luck. Darcy set to work, and the others covered for her.

Then Devon appeared.

Wes didn't remember Devon much. He remembered when he and Jonah came to the Jumpers, but that was about it. He did know, however, Devon hadn't been that fit or huge.

"Devon?!" Jonah's voice was tight.

"Jonah?" Devon waved the following security guard to stand back. "What are you doing here?"

"Could ask you the same thing." Jonah glared. "What the heck, man?!"

"I can explain--"

"Don't." Jonah raised his pistol. "Just back off."

"Don't do this, Jonah," Devon warned. The guards raised their guns. Wes raised his, and heard Grace cock hers.

"I'm really tired of finding traitors among my friends." Grace glared at Devon. "Clear out."

"I'm afraid we can't do that," Devon said calmly. "Just put the guns down--"

"Got it," Darcy whispered.

Grace fired.

Somehow in the madness Wes found himself in the room and locking the door. Somehow everyone made it inside without dying. Grace and Jonah had grazed shoulders, but otherwise they had done pretty well.

Wes found Horatio staring at them in shock. Between him and them were two beds, upon which Skyler and Hannah had been strapped down. Skyler was writhing in pain, pulling at the straps.

"What are you doing here?!" Hannah squeaked.

"Saving you. Duh." Wes raised his pistol to Horatio. "Now back away from them. Slowly."

Horatio raised his hands, moving away from the beds. Skyler's cry of pain drew Wes' attention. "Hang on, Skyler. Tag, keep your gun on him."

"Help him." Hannah nodded to Skyler as Tag stepped up. "Horatio gave him something."

Wes looked at Skyler. He was trembling, tense and straining at the straps. "Easy, Skyler…" Wes searched the table of implements.

"You won't get away," Horatio sneered. "My security and cyborgs will have you and your gang surrounded."

"Shut up, Vernalti. Focus on Skyler and Hannah, Wes," Kip said. "Darcy, how long will that door hold?"

"Long as we need," Darcy answered. "They can't break it down, and they don't have the clearance for it. It's under emergency lockdown too, so nobody's getting in unless we let them."

"Grace what does the stuff look like?!" Wes yelled. He jumped when Skyler cried out again. Grace ran over. Wes felt his anger boil at a smirk from the mayor.

"This one!" Grace grabbed a vial. She quickly filled a syringe and went over to Skyler. She inserted the needle and Skyler jumped, moaning and trying to pull back.

"Easy," Grace soothed, depressing the plunger. Wes hurried to Hannah and unstrapped her. She flung her arms around him, nearly knocking them both to the floor if he hadn't been ready for it.

"It's alright." Wes hugged her close, relief washing over him. "You're okay. I've got you."

Hannah clung to him. Wes held her close and watched as Skyler was unstrapped. He groaned and rolled onto his side, curling up. Hannah pulled away and slid off of the bed, hurrying to him a bit shakily.

"He'll be alright in a minute," Grace said. "He's been pumped with a lot of that stuff."

"Skyler?" Hannah rubbed his arm. Wes could see he was trembling, but it slowly subsided.

"I'm okay," his voice was small. "Where is Horatio?"

"Tag's got him," Hannah said, still rubbing his arm. Skyler slowly sat up. "Careful."

"I'm alright," he said, rubbing the crook of his arm hard. He looked pale, sweat beading his forehead. He leaned away from Hannah when she tried to feel his forehead. "I'm fine, Hannah. Really."

Carefully, Skyler stood up. Wes ducked under his arm to support him before Skyler's legs had a chance to give out. Skyler leaned against him, grimacing. "Is it still hurting?"

"A bit," Skyler said. "I'll be alright in a minute. How did you guys get in here?"

"Later," Wes said. "Now which way to the exit?"

"We can't leave yet," Skyler said. "Horatio has a master button for the cyborgs. It'll shut them all down."

Everyone looked at Horatio.

"I don't have it." Horatio rolled his eyes. "Not with me."

"Mind sharing with the class?" Tag asked. Horatio stared at the pistol.

"In my office," he said. Tag took half a step closer. "In a safe!"

"We need it," Skyler said.

"We don't have time to fight our way up there." Jonah frowned.

"We take the elevator," Wes said. "And we have him. We can use him."

"Wait." Skyler pulled away from Wes and went to the table. He grabbed the cyborg-antidote vial. "How does this work, Grace?"

"A syringe," Grace replied. "Pretty simple--"

The intercom crackled on. "Sir! The cyborgs aren't listening to any commands! They've begun shooting civilians!"

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