Thursday, May 14, 2015

Book Review: Imagination Redeemed (Gene Edward Veith Jr. & Matthew P. Risruccia)

The imagination is an incredible tool and gift God has given us. But like all gifts, how it is used is important to learn and understand. Being fallen creatures, even our imagination is prone to fall short of glorifying the Creator.

Imagination Redeemed focuses on training your imagination to be God-honoring. It helps readers recognize that the imagination can be sinful, and offers suggestions to train it out of those bad habits and develop and maintain good ones. It explains how the imagination can shape our worldview, and how a godly imagination will produce a godly worldview.

A thought-provoking book overall, but quite possibly useful for writers who desire to write God-honoring stories. Writers can focus their imaginations on God, and their imaginations can have a new way of seeing the story to be a story that honors God. Writers could benefit greatly from this book and the ideas within. Naturally, other artists, painters, scriptwriters, poets, musicians, and the like can also find this book useful to use their imaginations for God's will.

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