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Fence Jumpers: Part 40

The Jumpers are back, guys! :D I've finally written all the way to the end, and so FJs will resume, but with a change. Including this one, there are eleven parts left, that would been nearly three more months of once-a-week installments. That's a long time to wait for installments. So I'm going to give you guys and girls the installments three times a week. Saturdays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays will be Fence Jumper days. That way, the climax and closing action will all be nicely close together and hopefully be more exciting that way for only three weeks instead of eleven.

Thank you so, so much to those who have stuck with this story in its hiatuses. I love hearing that you guys enjoy this, and really hope these final installments will bring you as much enjoyment as they have me. Happy reading!


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Skyler stared at the array of firearms. All sizes, brands, and styles. Pistols, rifles, even a couple machine guns.

"Wow," he breathed. "That's a lot of fire power."

"And Horatio's using it for cyborgs," Jonah said. "And probably Nabbers. This must be where their guns came from."

Skyler felt a spark of anger and grief as he remembered that day. Ethan and Aggie had been lost then. "Well, what do we do now?"

"Take as much of this stuff as we can and leave a calling card." Jonah smirked. "We'll grab more people tomorrow to help."

"Tomorrow? But--"

"He's right, Skyler," Kate said gently. "These aren't going anywhere, and we're gonna need a lot of help if we're gonna steal this stuff. And we have no packs to carry anything in over the fence."

"Fine," Skyler grumped. "Let's head back."

"That's the spirit," Jonah said as Kate locked the unit again. "Sunshine and cheer. Two words that describe Skyler."

"Shut up," Skyler grumbled, but smiled. They headed back to the fence, waited for a few cars to pass, and vaulted over. They snuck back to the cemetery and were greeted by Kip.

"Where on earth have you three been?!" Kip shouted. "All three of you just disappear! Nowhere in the forest or the hideout--"

"We found out what's in the storage unit!" Skyler shouted over him. Kip stared. "There's a bunch of guns, Kip. Loads. Enough to equip a force of cyborgs. And Nabbers."

"You three went in there?!" Kip shouted.

"Yes, because all we're doing here is just sitting around doing nothing!" Skyler snapped back. "I'm not going to sit around anymore!"

"You won't have to." Emma came up. "Because lucky you I have a job for you."


"If this is going to work Kip I need a place to work." Emma looked at him.

"Work?" Skyler cocked his head.

"You remember when Grace told you I could help?" Emma said. "The night we saved you from Nabbers?"


"I think I can help heal the cyborgs," Emma said. "Bring them back into their right minds."

"How?" Skyler jumped on the information.

"An antidote, more or less," Emma said. "I've been working on it since Grace told me about the cyborgs. They won't be the same, but I think we can treat them. Cyborg creation is possible, but only in theory. Horatio must have found a way to make it reality, but we only have the theories."

"Do you have any of this antidote now?"

"Now? No. I need supplies. I need a lab."

Skyler nodded with a frown. "So we need to either steal one, or find somebody who can get them to us."

"I vote we raid that storage unit first," Jonah said. "Take everything. We buy a unit so we can drive a car in and stash the guns. If we're going to steal a lab, or do anything, we'll have better odds if we're the ones with gunpower."

"You can use my car," Emma said. "We'll grab some packing boxes and we can throw the stuff in those. Tag or Kip can disassemble guns to make them fit."

"We'll need to actually train these kids how to use a gun," Kip said. "We can't have someone shooting their neighbor's foot."

"One thing at a time," Skyler said.

Kip nodded. "You three get to bed. Before I start putting each of you over my knee."

Skyler didn't need to be told twice. He scooted off, but was caught by his sister. After listening to her lecture he cut in halfway with their discovery and their plan.

"It sounds dangerous," Hannah said, frowning. "Some of these kids aren't even old enough to drive. A handful are actually legal adults."

"Since when do we follow rules?" Skyler grinned. "It'll be fun."

It didn't take long for Emma to get a unit. With a few Coyotes on watch, a handful more jumped the fence and followed Kate and Skyler to Hayes' unit. There, Emma and Kip were waiting with boxes.

"Work fast," Kip said. "Don't fool around with any of it or stop to admire."

They worked silently and quickly. Tag and Kip took apart anything that could be taken apart and stored them in boxes. When they were nearly to the top Emma and a few other girls would pack a blanket or folded clothes over them before taping them shut. Hayes and the Nabbers had come by earlier that day, so there were less guns to pack than Skyler and his friends had seen before. They set the younger kids to packing the ammunition.

"Guys." Wes hefted the machine gun. "How far do you think I'd make it through City Hall with this thing firing?"

"The lobby," Hannah replied. "Because they would see you coming with it and be ready."

"Put it down," Kip hissed.


"Put. It. Dowwwwn."

Wes huffed and let Tag take it. "You're no fun."

"I know." Kip nodded, helping Tag take it apart. "I keep you from getting yourselves killed. I'm such a killjoy."

Wes scowled at him until Hannah pushed him toward another group of guns.

"So what's next after we take Horatio's toys?" Tag asked.

"We find a lab for Emma," Skyler said. "Find one that has the stuff she needs for the cure, and overrun it."

"With just us?" Tag blinked. "There aren't many of us to make a force to be reckoned with."

"We have our hosts," Skyler said. "Victor said they'd be willing to help. We might even be able to get Fred's people to help too."

"Oh yeah, because giving those people guns is such a good idea," Wes huffed.

"I'm betting we probably won't have to," Kip said. "Hurry up. We need to get moving."

They finally packed away the guns and ammunition. Skyler and his friends scattered to the fence while Emma and Kip drove out. It took a while for everyone to finally meet back up at the cemetery, but everyone was there.

"You should sleep." Grace came up behind Skyler, making him jump. "Everyone's back, nothing went wrong. I'd say that deserves sleep."

"I will." Skyler smiled. "I was just thinking."

"...About?" Grace prompted when Skyler didn't continue.

"Just how things are finally looking up," he said. "Nothing wrong happened tonight. We actually won a battle without losing anybody or making a mess."

Grace smiled. "Nobody said we'd never have those."

"I know," Skyler laughed. He looked at Grace. He hadn't realized how pretty she was. Her teal hair was growing out, turning brown again. The change in color was cute. Her eyes intrigued him. They sparked with energy, but they held something new. Age, maybe. Wisdom. She had gone through just as much as Skyler had, but she had had to go it alone.

"What?" Grace looked at him. "You okay?"

Skyler snapped out of it. "What? Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry."

"You're weird," Grace laughed. "Go to bed."

Skyler nodded. "'Night, Grace. And thanks."

"For what?"

He paused. "Just... for being here."

Grace looked at him funny, then smiled. "You're welcome. Now get to bed, you weirdo."

She shoved him. Skyler laughed and swatted at her, then ducked and yelped when she lunged for him. "I'm going! I'm going!"


"You IDIOT!"

Hayes barely flinched. This lack of response just infuriated Horatio more. "It's all gone?! Have you searched every corner of that unit?!"

"Yes sir," Hayes replied quietly. "There was a vehicle entering the facility late at night, but the car was registered to Madison Carter."

Horatio stared. "Carter is in prison, you fool."

"I know that, sir," Hayes said. "But the license matched that of Madison's car, but her car is still at the impound, minus the plates."

"So the Fence Jumpers just took the plates off her car?" Horatio sat back. He wasn't sure whether to be impressed or angry. "What other news do you have?"

"I believe we have found out who was giving the Jumpers information about your correctional facility," Hayes replied. "He visited Miss Carter the other day. His name also came up in the visitor records of the facility, and whom he visited. I have sent a few of your men to collect him."

"Good." Horatio smiled. He looked at Hayes. "But if you mess up one more time, Osborne, you will get no more chances. I would have liked more firearms before I made the great unveiling, but this will do. I only have a couple more preparations to make." He leaned back in his seat. "Make sure this doesn't happen again."

"Yes sir."

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