Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Home Stretch & Hiatus

Hi Fence Jumper readers! I am here with some news. FJs is in the home stretch. It's almost done. However, I have quickly caught up to myself with written installments, and I don't want to fall behind and miss a Saturday because it wasn't ready in time, or have an installment riddled with errors because I was trying to hurry, or leave plot holes for the same reason.

So, Fence Jumpers will be taking a brief hiatus so I can finish writing the story. Without weekly deadlines so close to the end, the climax and plot, I hope, will be nicely smoothed out and unhurried, making it more enjoyable for you guys, and for me because I won't be frazzled trying to hurry around.

So for now, Fence Jumpers is on another hiatus, but this one, I hope, will not be as long as the last. We're almost done, and I want this final stretch to be the best for you all. I have loved all the feedback you've given me, and I want to make sure this story will continue to be fun for you to read all the way up to the end.

While I don't have any special content to hold you over (I'm sorry! D: ), please enjoy the animal edition of Fence Jumpers. ;)

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)


  1. What. XD XD XD XD XD

    1. Fence Jumpers now caters to dog- and cat-lovers. ;)


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