Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"The Gray Mist"

I'm not sure yet what sort of story this will be. From the look of it, this would probably be a prologue. :)

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Two tall men stood over the city as the Gray Mist floated over it. One of the men was leaning on the other, favoring a wounded leg.

"This can't be happening," he gasped, horror in his voice and eyes. His friend glanced sadly at the younger man.

"I'm sorry, Matt," he comforted. "We got as many out as we could, though."

"So many people, David," Matt whispered. "So many... dead."

"We don't know that, Matt," David answered. "It was just a theory, remember."

"Will we be able to go back?" Matt asked. He flinched and his good leg gave out.

"Easy," David warned, lowering Matt to the still green grass. Matt sighed with relief. David examined Matt's wounded leg as he talked. "I don't know, Matt. We might, we might not. It depends on if a cure can be found."

"How long will that take? As long as it took for them to find out the stupid Mist could actually be deadly?" Matt asked bitterly. David frowned and opened his mouth to chide him, but a blood-curdling scream pierced the air. David and Matt whipped around.

"It's coming!!!" Someone screamed. "The Mist! It's heading this way!"

"No," David's face paled. Matt, already pale and looking even paler, struggled to rise. "Matt, what're you doing?!"

"Sophie," he grunted as he painfully pushed himself to his feet. "I need to find her."

"Matt, Sophie's not here," David stood and grabbed his friend's arm. "She didn't come with us." Matt looked at David.

"Why not?" His voice trembled. "Why didn't she come? I told her, I warned her about-"

"She didn't believe you, or anyone who told her," David said sadly. "There were some people who didn't believe us."

"Why didn't she come?!" Matt demanded. "I have to find her!"

"Matt, we don't know where she is!" David held his friend back. "We don't know if she's even still alive." Matt looked out over the city, desperate tears in his eyes.

"I'm sorry, Matt," David clasped Matt's shoulder. He winced as the screams behind him rose in intensity. They were trapped.

"How could this have happened?" Matt asked quietly as a breeze from the north picked up behind them, driving the mist straight for them. "All of this... what happened?"

"I don't know," David replied. Matt's blonde hair was blown about in the breeze, and David's brown coat flapped weakly. David inhaled deeply, savoring the air possibly for the last time.

"Thanks for being there, David," Matt spoke, "Earlier, I mean."

"Would I leave you behind?" David smiled, settling down into the grass. He wanted to run to the refugees and try to calm them, but there was nothing he could do. What could he say when he didn't know what would happen?

Suddenly the screams ceased. The eerie silence made the two men shudder.

"Ready?" David asked.

"Yup," Matt nodded. "Well... no..." David let out a choked laugh.

"Neither am I," he admitted. Mark smiled and closed his hazel eyes.

The Gray Mist rolled over them, concealing them from view.

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