Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Rewriting a Scene Prompt

Another writing prompt I did for school. :D For this exercise, I needed to take a scene from a book and rewrite it from the POV (point of view) of a supporting character or other main character (for example, writing a scene from The Hunger Games from Peeta's POV).

For this, I took a scene from the second book of The Ashtown Burials series, The Drowned Vault, by N.D. Wilson. I shifted the POV from Cyrus to his sister, Antigone.

Also, I really recommend Wilson's books. They. Are. Glorious. ^_^

Antigone couldn't believe what she was hearing. She had almost gagged when Rupert put the squid over his face, sliding its black beak into his mouth. It was so totally disgusting. He made it look easy, but Antigone wanted nothing to do with it. When Rupert put the squid back in the bucket he turned to her and Cyrus and explained their objective: finish the underwater maze, get back in half the time. Of course, being underwater made it difficult enough. But now she was expected to slap on a gender-swapping, oxygen-giving squid and do it! No way!

Antigone choked at the thought, fear taking the place of disgust. She couldn't do this. She couldn't. Rupert was trying to comfort her and tell her he was doing this to help her and Cyrus survive, and that she could do this, because she could, and will, do things a lot harder. Antigone only managed to wipe her eyes and nod.

"Okay," Rupert straightened, "Grab a squid and check the gender."

The door swung open suddenly. Antigone jumped in alarm, but Jeb and Diana entered. They reported that the Sages had chosen a new Brendan. Worse, it was Bellamy. Could things get any worse?

Of course they could. She hadn't put on the squid yet.

Rupert snapped her to attention when he demanded whether or not she and Cyrus could do the maze. He needed to know now.

"Seriously?" Antigone asked, hoping she didn't sound as terrified as she felt. "It sounds like there's a lot going on."

"Right now," Rupert repeated. He turned to the Boones and gave them a few orders. Antigone looked at the bucket.

"I can't do this, Cy. I can't. I will absolutely puke up inside some poor squid." Cyrus ignored her and fished out a squid. While Rupert talked to Jax and before Antigone could stop him he applied the squid. Antigone gagged and looked away. Some help he was!

The squid latched onto his head with her tentacles. Cyrus panicked and Jax jumped to the rescue and calmed him down. And then Jax fished out a second squid and had began parting the tentacles and approaching Antigone, who went into full panic mode, made worse by Cyrus's panic attack. She started sobbing, fear taking over. But Jax was gentle. She didn't fight him, and he slipped the squid beak into her mouth over her tongue. The tentacles strapped themselves around her head. It must have looked like the squid was trying to eat her.

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