Wednesday, February 25, 2015

DIY Fondue

This isn't the kind of story or writing exercise I would normally put up, but it's a funny true story.

So, last Saturday I was at my cousin's wedding. At the reception, my family, grandpa, and aunt were all at one table. While we waited for the bridal party to arrive, we eventually began a quest to make fondue. It started by using the little wrappers for Hershey Kisses to boil water and melt cheese cubes. Eventually we set out to make a proper fondue pot. I have pictures, but please excuse the poor quality.

Here's our equipment:

Yes, our fondue pot was a Sprite can cut in half. Yes, we had a knife on us to do it (we're cool like that. ;) ). The top half would go over the candle, with holes pierced into it to let air in, and the bottom half was our pot.

With the bent tines of a plastic fork, my dad could hook it through a hole in the can's holes to remove it from the candle without burning.

This is our finished work. Ready for fondue.

5:47 PM: We place the cheese cubes (3) into the pot.

5:49 PM: Our genius plan is working!

5:50 PM: Slowly melting...

5:52 PM: Making good progress!

A minute later my mom covered it with a napkin to trap the heat.

5:56 PM: Nearly done!

5:59 PM: Fondue! :D

Four minutes later we dipped pretzels and crackers into our fondue. This picture was taken a half hour after, but it still shows our successful results. The fondue was delicious, and passed the wait time quite nicely.

So if you find yourself at a wedding reception, or some similar function (just don't try it at restaurants!) with a candle and the right items, you can make yourself a nice appetizer.

Have a lovely rest of the week, and I'll see you all here again on Saturday for another installment of Fence Jumpers! :D

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