Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Writing Moods

This was a writing exercise I did for school, where I had to pick a mood/emotion and write a scene to communicate the emotion. :D The mood I chose is below, so you can read the scene before you see the emotion I chose if you like. (Excusing any errors. I was to write/submit it without stopping to edit.)

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Neil stared at the board. He gripped the edges of the table.

"Two minutes," Zach murmured. Neil grimaced and lifted the metal cube brought it towards its slot.

"Careful, Neil-"

"Shut up, Beth," Neil growled through clenched teeth. He dropped the cube into the slot and flinched when it landed with a metallic click.

Neil looked up at the door. The obnoxious buzz went off again. Neil scowled and ran his hands through his hair, examining the board.

"One minute," Zach said.

"I don't know!" Neil exclaimed. "I've tried everything!"

"You still have time," Beth encouraged. "Try the blue cube."

"You want to drown us all?" Neil cast her a sharp glare. "Think, Beth. It's always been color coordinated!" Neil froze. He looked back at the board, his eyes sped over the board, eyeing and dismissing each cube.

"Thirty sec-"

"Shut up, Zach, I know!" Neil shouted. He snatched the wooden cube painted silver. Punching the button by his hand the metal cube was ejected out of the slot. Neil swiped it away. He jumped when the slow, methodic beeps began. Neil shoved the cube in the slot, but it went in point first.


"Working on it!"

The mood I chose for this one was anxiety. :D


  1. I misunderstood and thought that you had to say the emotion of the scene because i was about to ask what it was from! It sounds really interesting.

    1. Aww. Sorry. o.o But I'm glad you enjoyed it. ^_^ And thanks for stopping by! :D


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