Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Character Interview: Westly "Wes" Hawkins

Well, here we are with our second character interview! :D I've had a few readers submit some excellent questions for Wes, and I hope you all will enjoy. :)

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Inkspots: Hello Wes. :) Take a seat, make yourself comfortable. How are you?
Wes: *sits* Hi. I'm fine... A lot of stuff going on.

Inkspots: *gives him a glass of water* I see. Well, just relax. We have quite a few questions for you. These first four are from Miss Kya Lightwing. The first: What's your favorite color?
Wes: Color? o.O Uh... I like dark blue. The way the night sky is sometimes.

Inkspots: That sounds peaceful. Next question from Kya: What do you like to do in your spare time (if you have any...)?
Wes: I like going out for a run. Hit the streets and just run. In the old sector there's debris, so running and avoiding rubble keeps my mind focused and busy. And exercise is a bonus.

Inkspots: Okay. Third question: Have you ever wished you weren't in the Jumpers and living a "normal" life instead?
Wes: *hesitates* ...Yes. Not many Jumpers come from full, intact families, but those who do talk about them, and... it sounds nice. But then sometimes, no. Because I wouldn't be fighting to keep those who do from losing the family they have because they have run. No kid should have to leave that.

Inkspots: Aww. Okay, Kya's final question: Any dreams/ambitions?
Wes: *smirks* Good one. Let's see... well, if there was any hope of it, I would want to be a professor or teacher of some kind... high school or college. But right now, I want to make sure the Jumpers will all have a place to go once this is over. I'll start a place if I have to.

Inkspots: You seem to care for these kids quite a bit... Now we're on to Miss Kay J. Fields' questions. Her first question is: Living on the run, is there one thing in particular you miss having/doing most?
Wes: Oh, man, one thing? Coffee. Or pizza. Probably pizza.

Inkspots: Nice. B) Next question: Do you like music?
Wes: Yeah, if it's not too loud. I'd prefer it not too loud, but not slow and soft. We had a radio in my house, and my mom and I would listen to all the new hits on Friday nights.

Inkspots: Aww, that sounds like fun. Kay's second question comes in two parts: Can you describe what you think of as happening on a really bad day, and then on a really good one?
Wes: Ooh, yes I can. A really bad day is if we got caught on the streets during a Nabber sweep. Us older Jumpers had to look out for the younger ones, and make sure they get back safe... *looks like his mind is wandering, but he clears throat* A good day... we bring in new kids. We bring them in safe and give them a hot meal and a warm bed. It's good to see them settling down. And gives the rest of us a kind of morale boost.

Inkspots: Interesting. Last question from Kay: Last, what do you like to do just to chill, relax, or hang out?
Wes: *smiles* Talk with friends. Or listen. It's fun to talk about our day, even though it's kind of all the same for everyone. Comparing notes on fence jumping techniques, where to hide. It was fun.

Inkspots: That sounds fun. The last questions are from Anonymous. His first: What do you think of Skyler taking charge as the leader for the past two years?
Wes: *snorts* That's a good question... I suppose I don't mind sometimes. He's got a good head, but sometimes he's an idiot... but as he's grown up, his judgment got better. :) So it's alright. Kind of weird having one of the youngest lead, but he's stubborn. He's got a good heart, and he's fit into it well. I probably wouldn't make a great leader anyways.

Inkspots: I'll bet, and I'm sure you would have (you have Hannah to keep you in line. ;) ). Second question: What do you think of the Coyotes?
Wes: They're alright. They've done good work where we left off, but they're not as actively delinquent as we Jumpers are. They're just a shelter for kids. But they seem like good people. Even the one (won't say who) who knocked me out. =_=

Inkspots: Ha! They sound like good allies to have. Alright, Anon's last question and last question of the interview: Do you (fully) trust the two outsiders, Madison and Emma?
Wes: Madison, yes. I didn't at first, but now... she's been the best thing that happened to us in a long time. She's almost like a mom to us, like Kip is a dad. *pauses* Emma... I'm not sure... I do, in a way, but there's still that bit of doubt... you know? After Claire, I don't want to trust so easily. She helped Grace, but... it's different. Her knowing Kip helps, but I don't want to throw in all the chips yet.

Inkspots: Fair enough. Well, that about wraps it up. Thank you for joining us Wes. It was great getting to know you.
Wes: *grins* Thanks for having me. Thanks Kya, Kay, and Anon. You three had good questions. B)

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