Friday, October 17, 2014

A Fence Jumper's Map of America

The world in which the Jumpers live is much different than our world today. In the prologue, it mentions the quarreling among the states, and how the states grouped themselves together to create new countries, with each individual state becoming a province.

I finally found a basic USA map image template on the internet to use my epic Paint program skills on (be jealous ;), and I adjusted the map to look like what it would to anyone living during the time of the Fence Jumpers. I'm still debating what to do for a Cincinnati map, if I'll do one, but for now, here is what America looks like to a Fence Jumper. Hawaii and Alaska's situations are different, so they aren't a part of either new country. While included in the map, Alaska is Canadian territory, and Hawaii is Chinese territory. I just forgot to remove them from this map.


  1. It is interesting, the divisions you chose. Did you have any particular thought process behind linking up Texas with Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana, and Missouri? * curious *

    1. Not really, I don't think. XD I wanted the "four corners" states in one group by themselves, so that might be why Texas linked with those.


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