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Fence Jumpers: Part 19

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Fence Jumpers: Part 18

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A Fence Jumper's Map of America

The world in which the Jumpers live is much different than our world today. In the prologue, it mentions the quarreling among the states, and how the states grouped themselves together to create new countries, with each individual state becoming a province.

I finally found a basic USA map image template on the internet to use my epic Paint program skills on (be jealous ;), and I adjusted the map to look like what it would to anyone living during the time of the Fence Jumpers. I'm still debating what to do for a Cincinnati map, if I'll do one, but for now, here is what America looks like to a Fence Jumper. Hawaii and Alaska's situations are different, so they aren't a part of either new country. While included in the map, Alaska is Canadian territory, and Hawaii is Chinese territory. I just forgot to remove them from this map.

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Fence Jumpers: Part 17

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Fence Jumpers: Part 16

At last, my patient readers (at least I hope the hiatus hasn't chased you off. Come back if it has!), the day has arrived. I added a few more pictures, and I might try it with each part. Let me know what you think, or if you'd prefer only one picture. :)

But I'll stop talking now and get on with the Jumpers. Enjoy!


(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Skyler hit the ground and rolled. Without missing a beat he was back on his feet and running from the fence that hemmed in the small governmental building. Two police officers were hot on his tail, but he wasn't worried. He knew exactly where to go.

Passing an alley, Skyler smirked when he heard two successive snaps. He didn't stop running, though, until he heard the whistle. Then he slowed to a jog and circled back around.

A young man with messy black hair stepped out of the alley, a pistol in his hands, pointed at the ground. His dark eyes looked at Skyler, who nodded and leaned over, hands on knees, to catch his breath.

"You'd think you wouldn't be so out of breath by now," the boy told him.

"Shut up, Wes." Skyler shoved the boy and ducked when Wes tried to swat him. He looked up as a pretty blonde girl appeared, also holding a pistol.

"You okay?" She asked him.

"Never better." Skyler grinned. "Thanks for the backup."

"I'm your sister. I make it my job to save your butt." Hannah nodded to the unconscious bodies. "What do we do with them?"

"Leave them," Skyler said. "They're just security. No use to us."

"Then let's get out of here before more come," Wes said. "Did you find anything?"

"Not that I can tell." Skyler frowned as he and Wes and Hannah took off. "Let's hope Ethan had better luck. It can't be this hard to find them!"

"This is Horatio you're talking about," Wes reminded him. "The guy's brilliant. I hate saying it, but he is. And he has Claire, who knew us inside and out."

"We'll figure out where they're being kept, don't worry," Hannah said. "Let's just get back to the hideout and we'll figure out what else to do."

Two years ago, Skyler's world pretty much fell apart. He had been forced to run away from home, found a new one, and lost that one soon after. Now he was more a fugitive than ever, but he didn't spend his time hiding. He spent it trying to locate the Fence Jumpers who had been captured that day, and making Mayor Horatio Vernalti's life as annoying as he dared.

Before, he and the remaining Fence Jumpers would have been vandalizing the walls of shops or business buildings, in the main city or in the abandoned sectors. A can of spray paint and an hour or two of time, and the Jumpers could create a work of art. They kept up their image of delinquents to cover their tracks while they tried to make sense of the suspicious activities Horatio and his team of politicians were engaging in. All they knew was that they were creating cyborgs. For what purpose, they didn't know yet.

Now, Skyler and his friends were more vehement in their actions. They were more daring than they had been. They were more angry.

After a quick lookout the trio slipped inside the garage. It was dim inside, but their eyes adjusted. Their hideout was just an abandoned mechanic's garage, and it had been filthy when they found it, but now the Jumpers made an effort to keep it swept and clean. Tools were organized neatly even though they had no use for them most of the time, and all doors except the one they used were blocked up with all the trash they found, as well as tires and really, really old and bulky computers.

It hadn't taken long to find it after the long trek back into the old parts of the city, but it wasn't like the underground hideout at the warehouse. But it kept them all dry from the rain, and warm enough during the winter. It had protected them for two years, from weather and from Horatio. That's all Skyler could have asked from it.

"Look who's back!" Aggie looked up from her fiddling at a mechanic's bench. Her indigo-dyed hair had grown out, revealing the original black color. There was no more blue in her hair now, but she never tried to find more.

"Hey." Skyler grinned. "Ethan and Jonah back yet?"

"They came back, but then they went out to find food," Aggie replied. "Said to tell you they didn't find anything or anyone."

Skyler tried not to feel too disappointed. He had come to grow used to it. For two years they had searched. There wasn't a single trace of their friends. Not even the media reported on any of it. They couldn't risk contacting Madison, so they were on their own.

Pushing back the discouraged feeling that prodded him, Skyler sat down next to Skipper. Twelve now, Skipper had left the little girl he had known, and had become a fierce Jumper. She still smiled, but it wasn't the same as it had been before. Skyler wondered if he had become like that too. The same Skyler, but a different one at the same time.

"Hey." Skyler nudged Skipper. "How're you?"

"Bored." Skipper shrugged, playing with her dishwater-blonde hair. "Jonah said I could go out scouting with him tomorrow. Is that okay?"

"Sure it's okay." Skyler nodded. "You don't need to ask me."

Skipper smiled and leaned against him, resting her head on his shoulder. Looking up, he saw Hannah watching them, an eyebrow raised and a smile playing at her lips. Skyler scowled at her.

After a minute Skyler poked Skipper. She giggled and flinched away long enough for him to get up and grab the map of Cincinnati they had snitched ages ago. He spread it out on a table and caught up a black Sharpie marker.

X's sprinkled the map, both in the city and in the old abandoned sectors, even the poor district. Skyler added two new X's to the map and stared at their work. Two years' worth of searching, and they hadn't even found a single clue. They had tried all the obvious places first, like the factory, where cyborgs were made, and the remodeled Ravenstone school, where the Jumpers had first been held before Skyler helped free everyone.

(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

The memory resurfaced, and Skyler tried to push it away. That whole day had been chaotic and all his fault. If he hadn't been so curious and looked through all those doors, the Jumpers would have escaped without detection. That meant he wouldn't have been caught, and Cody and Kip wouldn't have come looking for him. If they hadn't, Cody would still be alive.

Granted, the Nabbers still would have found the Jumpers by the railroad tracks. Grace, a fellow Jumper, had unknowingly had a tracker implanted in her arm, leading the Nabbers right to them. She had stayed on the train, to draw away the Nabbers while the others looked for their friends. Skyler didn't know what had happened to her.

"Skyler." Hannah came up to him, carrying a mug of something steaming.

"Mmm?" Skyler looked at her. She looked so much more grown-up. Of course she was eighteen, a legal adult now, but she looked more woman than just his big sister. Even in now ratty clothes she had been able to grab from suburb garage sales, no one could call her ugly.

"Get some rest." Hannah put the mug by his hand. "You haven't been getting enough sleep."

"I'm fine," Skyler said. Hannah frowned at him. "Sis, I'm fine. I get enough sleep."

"No, you don't," Hannah replied testily. "You stay up at all hours of the night staring at the map and then spend the whole day searching. I want to find them too, but we can't run ourselves into the ground with exhaustion doing it. We have to make sure we'll be strong enough to actually get them out."

"The sooner we find out where they are, the sooner I'll rest up," Skyler said. "We still have lots of places to look--"

"And we will look there." Hannah made him face her. "Skyler, we have been searching for two years, and for a long time you haven't been sleeping the amount you should. I won't have you get sick over this. Now drink your hot chocolate and go to bed."

"Hot... what?"

Hannah grinned. "Aggie and Skipper raided a supermarket and got us some food and goodies. It wasn't enough, but Skip got a box of hot cocoa. So drink it and turn in."

Skyler looked at the mug, and suddenly it smelled tantalizing. He grinned and lifted the mug. Hannah laughed and tousled his hair.

"You're such a kid," she told him. She picked at his hair. "You need a haircut, too."

"No I don't," Skyler said quickly, ducking away. "But I will if you give me one. Don't let Aggie or Skipper do it."

"Drink your cocoa, you dork." Hannah shoved him lightly. Skyler grinned again and took a swallow. Skyler couldn't remember the last time he had had hot chocolate. He savored the taste before swallowing.

After a few more swallows, Skyler returned to the map. Hannah was watching him.

"What?" He looked at her. Suddenly, Hannah went out of focus, so did the whole room. Skyler gripped the table to steady himself.

"What..." Skyler blinked hard. "What did you do?"

"Sorry, Skyler," Hannah said as she took the mug from his hand. "You have to sleep."

"No." Skyler tried to pull away when she took his arm, but someone else, someone stronger, grabbed his other arm.

"Let go!" Skyler tried to pull away from Wes.

"Don't fight it," Wes muttered. "Hannah's right, you need to rest."

"I can't..." Skyler panicked when his vision blur even more. "I have to--"

Skyler's legs gave out under him. He barely recognized his makeshift bed as Hannah gently pushed him down.

"Sleep, Skyler," she murmured. "Just rest..."

Skyler tried to push himself back up, but the sedative was taking over. Soon, he couldn't fight anymore, and he blacked out.


(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

Hannah sat back when Skyler fell unconscious. He looked less distressed and angry when he was asleep. He looked more like her kid brother again.

"When he wakes up, don't you dare tell him it was my idea." Hannah looked at Wes. The boy shrugged.

"He had it coming," he said as Hannah pulled the thin blanket over her brother. "He'll be fine after a bit of sleep."

The door burst open. The Jumpers scrambled to their feet, facing the door.

"You guys!" Jonah stumbled inside, closely followed by Ethan, who carried a bulging backpack. "You're not gonna believe who we just saw!"

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The Story So Far...

Here we are, readers. Tomorrow is the "season premiere" of Fence Jumpers. It's scheduled to be up at 8 A.M. sharp (so you don't have to wait for me to get out of bed ;). Today, I have a summary of the first season for you all. Enjoy!


(Image courtesy of Pinterest.)

For four years, delinquents who go by the collective name of Fence Jumpers have been vandalizing the good city of Cincinnati, in the province of Ohio. They leap over fences that separate private property from public, and government buildings from unauthorized personnel. These fences don't deter the Jumpers, and the buildings are generously painted.

But this mask of vandalism and delinquency hides their true mission. The Fence Jumpers suspect questionable activities with the higher-ups, and they make it their job to find out what. They suspect the authorities of creating cyborgs: half-human, half-robot super soldiers.

When Skyler Pelton and his sister Hannah take shelter with the Jumpers after almost being caught by Nabbers, people who make irregular sweeps and kidnap the homeless or orphaned off the streets for unknown reasons, they find a home with new friends who become like family. They're trained to become Jumpers, and get a few opportunities to make their start as a juvenile mischief-maker.

But things aren't quiet and calm for long. The Jumpers dive even deeper into the dark mystery of the cyborgs. Things get crazier when freelance journalist and photographer Madison Carter becomes an ally above ground, after being kidnapped by the Jumpers for photographs she took that could expose the identities of some of the Jumpers. A possible traitor in their midst and the loss of a young Jumper during a scouting mission gone wrong makes everyone nervous. Tempers are short and easily triggered. Skyler struggles with making sense of it all, especially when everything that goes wrong seems to involve him.

But then the worst happens: the Nabbers find the underground hideout. Skyler and a handful of Jumpers escape, but Skyler feels that he's lost more than a home. He watched Hannah get shot, and had been unable to protect her. After taking shelter at Madison's apartment, Cody, a boy who had been like Skyler's mentor and an older brother, takes Skyler and a few others on a reckless rescue mission. Joined later by Kip, the only adult among the teens, and more Jumpers, they enact their rescue mission. Jumpers are freed, and Wes and Hannah, both presumed dead, are found alive. The Jumpers scatter to later regroup outside the city, but Skyler is taken captive.

Skyler meets Horatio Vernalti, mayor of Cincinnati and the mastermind behind the cyborgs. Horatio's greedy desire for power fueled the manufacturing of cyborgs. Skyler also discovers that Claire, who had been a Jumper and friend, is the traitor, as well as Horatio's niece. Skyler is tortured for information on where his friends are, but his ignorance doesn't save him.

Cody and Kip go back to look for Skyler and learn of his capture. They pounce on the only chance of a rescue, and succeed, but only at the sacrifice of Cody's life. Skyler and Kip escape Horatio's clutches while Cody, having been injured too much to run, buys them time inside Horatio's underground laboratory.

Skyler is reunited with Hannah, and the Jumpers prepare to hop the incoming train to escape the city forever. However, Nabbers show up and begin taking down the fugitives, including Kip. Skyler and a very small number of Jumpers escape, and they learn that Grace had a tracking device embedded in her shoulder. After some deliberation, everyone but Grace jumps off the train to go back and rescue their friends.

Now, Skyler and his friends face the biggest challenge than any fence has ever given them. And it might just become a war...

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Character Sneak Peek #5

Images courtesy of Pinterest here and here.

Two loving parents who want nothing more than to find their children. They end up finding a lot more.

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Character Sneak Peek #4

Image courtesy of Pinterest.

The attack dog. When Horatio wants things done, this man is called up. He is ruthless and persistent and makes the Nabbers look like novices.