Monday, July 21, 2014

An Article of Villainy for "Imagine This!"

For the month of July, indie author Katie Daniels began a blogging event called "Imagine This!" She has gathered together several writers to offer their advice on imagination, inspiration, and other writerly subjects. There are also lots of fun giveaways, and several author interviews. Self-published authors like J. Grace Pennington (author of the Radialloy series), Aubrey Hansen (author of Red Rain and Peter's Angel), Joel A. Parisi (author of the new S.H.R.A.I.D series, based off of Katie's Supervillain of the Day series), and many more.

I have also written for this fun blogging event, and after scouring my brain for something I felt I was fairly knowledgeable in, I settled on writing villains who have good motives for what their dastardly deeds. I realized I tended to have such villains, and I thought why not?

So over at Vaguely Circular for "Imagine This!", I have written on these villains, and I had a lot of fun writing it. So hop on over there and take a look, and don't forget to look at all the other awesome articles and interviews too. Katie has gathered quite the lineup of several authors and writers to offer you their insight on writing.

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