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Throwback Thursday: "The Girl Who Wished for a Horse"

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I've seen "Throwback Thursday" pictures, where people put up photographs of themselves as a child, or in their less-than-flattering high school or college days. Today I though I would give you not a photograph, but my writing from days gone by. Oh yes, you lovely people get an excerpt of an old story, not edited or anything. This comes from an unfinished story that was probably among the first (if not the first) stories I wrote with publishing as the goal. I had a very elaborate plot in mind. The story is full of talking animals, a magic necklace, a horrendous snake-villain, and a young girl as the brave heroine whose horse can talk. Truly, it would be action-packed from cover to cover.

A bit of trivia before you feast your eyes on this ancient gem:
  • The date the document was last written in was May 16, 2006. I was thirteen-years-old.
  • I had written out a full table of contents, each chapter having a title. Not a "Chapter 1," "Chapter 2," etc. Full titles. There were to be 42 chapters in this thing. And I had each one titled.
  • According to chapter 31, a rainbow laser gun was involved. I'm not even lying.
  • The story made it to only the eighth chapter.
  • An original creature I created for this story, which was also the villain, now inhabits my fantasy world, where my new book takes place. I still have the original drawing, but I also redrew the creature.

Alright, I'll bet you're all dying to get to the excerpt. Again, this is in its pure, unedited state. I have not touched a misspelling or grammatical no-no anywhere. The exits are on either side of the theater should you have need.

I present to you the first chapter of "The Girl Who Wished for a Horse," titled "Tomorrow is my birthday!"

* * * *

“Calm down Dana, you’re ruining your braids,” Mother laughed has her daughter wriggled underneath her.
“I can’t help it Mother, tomorrow’s my birthday, and I’m going to get a horse!” Dana said, she was turning 12 and she just knew that she was going to get a horse.
“Now Dana, you don’t know that, just wait and see, if you don’t, then just be content with what you do get,” Mother said, although she knew her daughter was going to have her wish come true, it was a cool autumn’s night, and Mother was getting Dana ready for tomorrow, Dana had a shower that night, and she wanted her friends and family to come.
Dana lived on a Dairy farm, the Dairy farm only had one horse, a very old horse, Dana was never allowed to ride it.
“Of course Mother, but I’ve always wished for a horse ever since I was five,” Dana said with a sigh, “Mother, can you please read me the story about the talking animals, please?” Dana begged.
“Again? Darling we’ve already read it 20 times this week,” Mother said with a smile.
“Pleease?” Dana begged again.
“Alright, I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” Dana’s mother said with a laugh, “Then it’s off to bed with you,” Mother said as she slid into her rocking chair and Dana sat beside her mother.
“May I please stay up until father get’s home?” Dana asked her mother.
“Well,” Mother said thoughtfully.
“Please?” Dana said, she and her father knew that one of their cows was going to have a baby.
It was common that one of their cows had a baby, Dana loved watching it be born into the world, and Dana had this special talent to name a calf five minutes after it was born, she did that so often that her friends asked her to name their kittens, puppies, whatever animal it may be, after it was born. And so all the animals in the entire county had been named by Dana. That’s how Dana earned the nickname ‘The Queen Of Animal Names’.
“Well, I guess it wouldn’t hurt,” mother finally decided.
“Hee hee,” Dana giggled, her brown, braided hair bounced up and down.
“A long time ago, there was a small island, and on this island lived animals of all kinds, small and big, and on this island lay a castle, surrounded by moats and alligator guards and brave and gallant fox knights, but most of all, all the animals could talk, just like you and me. But their worst enemy was one so powerful that not even the bravest knights could defeat him, he was called The Strong One…” Mother stopped, because there were no more pages left. Dana said that it was a magical book and that the rest would come in when it was fulfilled, Mother said it was only nonsense, then there was a knock on the door with a familiar voice on the other side.
“My family my family let me come in,” Dana’s father said in a gruff voice.
“Not by the hair of your chinny chin chin,” Dana and her mother said together.
“Hahaha very funny, now, would my wife and 11 year old please open the door? Father has full hands,” Father said with a laugh.
 “Alright, alright,” Mother said, walking towards the door, when she opened the door she was greeted by a big bundle of bags.
“My goodness! What is all this?” Mother exclaimed as father came in and set down all the bags and bundles.
Father looked at Dana, he winked at her, and said, “Oh, the bags are for you and Dana, the big bundles are for birthing,” Father said.
“Did Mr. Sanderson phone you to tell you that he needed you and Dana to help with the ewes?” Mother asked, assuming that he did.
“No, but thanks for telling me anyway. He needs Dana to name the lambs, right?” Father said.
“Yes. So what is all the birthing stuff for if it isn’t for the lambs?” Mother asked.
“For the new calf,” Father said, smiling.
Mother’s eyes widened with surprise.
“So you just decided to wait until night?” Mother said with a frown, she didn’t like her family keeping secrets from her.
“Yup, come on Suzie, Dana, lets go deliver a calf,” Father said.
“Yay!” Dana squealed with excitement.
“And I bet you know who’s going to name it?” Mother whispered to Father.
“Dana,” They said together, an hour later two little calves were born.
“Honestly Suzie, I didn’t know that Beth was going to have twins,” Father said with a little laugh, watching Dana stare at the little cows.
“Pokey and Faith,” Dana said, still staring at the babies.
“What?” Mother asked her daughter.
“Pokey and Faith, the babies, the boy is Pokey and the girl is Faith,” Dana said. Mother and Father smiled.
“Dana, time for bed,” Mother said softly, and so Dana went to bed with dreams of baby cows and horses.
Meanwhile, downstairs.
“Do you really think Dana is ready for a horse William? I mean she will be only twelve years old, maybe we should wait a few more years, until she is old enough to take on the responsibility of a horse,” Mother said in a quiet tone,  she was worried that Dana might get hurt.
“Suzie, Dana is responsible for a horse, and Kindle’s blood line is very  royal, as they say, she’ll be a perfect match, and Kindle is twelve years old, just like Dana, believe me, it’ll be fine,” Father said.
“Fine, but promise me you will give her lessons in taking care and riding the horse, alright?” Mother asked.
“OK, I promise. The horse’s show name is Fire Of Light,” Father said.
“You mean the horse is a show horse!? William really, you should have told me that before you bought it,” Mother said, crossing her arms.
“Darling, the horse doesn’t do any more showing, it retired when her owner died, it wouldn’t let anyone else ride it,” Father said, trying to change the subject.
“How do you know it will let Dana ride it?” Mother said, fuming, she was getting very mad and angry that her husband hadn’t told her about all this sooner.
“I know it will let Dana ride her because her old owner was twelve and she looks just like Dana,” Father continued, “And the horse is going to be delivered to us free of charge,”
“Well, I guess if you’re so sure,” Mother said doubtfully.
“Don’t worry dear, every thing will be OK,” Father said reassuringly, taking his wife in his arms.
“Kindle, that’s a very pretty name for a horse. Mother said.
“Yes, it is a pretty name, just like Suzie and Dana,” Father said quietly.

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