Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Five Game Tag

I was tagged by a friend via a social network to do this tag. I've never done tags before, so I thought I'd do it here. The tag is called the Five Game. I must take the main character from my current work-in-progress and describe him/her in five words, and then tag five more authors to play. I was tagged by the lovely Leslie, who can be found over at The Upstream Writer. So go drop by her blog. She has a weekly serial story going called "Cipherstalker," about a man who enjoys deciphering messages and a suspicious message he deciphers that changes his life. It's sort of like a "Beauty and the Beast" mystery story with an element of the movie "Up." It's intriguing, and you should check it out and meet her lovely and interesting characters.

I usually have several writing projects going at once, so I'll do the two that are most prominent: Skyler from "Fence Jumpers" and Lillian from my untitled book.

Stubborn, kind, tomboyish, strong-willed, lonely.

Sensitive, insecure, friendly, brave, determined.

There you go! Sneak-peek into my book's heroine, and a closer look at Skyler. I know I'm to tag five other authors, so maybe I'll tag a couple from the social network I was tagged in and some from the blogging world. So... I'll tag Miss Kirsi G. over at Kirsi's Book Nook. She, too, has a fun little blog she began for her serial story "The Federation." It and her blog have just started, but the story is already diving into the excitement of the plot, so go check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this little tag. I found it quite fun and helpful in knowing my characters better. I'm not sure who else to tag here, so feel free to do this tag yourself and leave a link in the comments to it so I can see! :D

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  1. Olivia, just like you, I never do tags, but just for you I will post five words about my main character here. This is about Josephine from my book, The Gossiping Wind: Loyal, Caring, Supportive, Teacher, Sad. There you go. :)

    1. Aw, thank you Melody. ^_^ I like Josephine. :D She's a sweet girl. ^_^


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