Thursday, May 1, 2014

"The Colors of People"

I see people. I can see them when they're happy, angry, frightened, or upset. They change, and I can see it.

I can see me. When I'm angry, I seethe with a burning fire that crackles. When I'm confused, I'm a tangled mess of silver spider strands woven every which way.

I see people like that. Sometimes I can see them with more than just one feeling. One, two, or even four. It makes them beautiful. I see them as intricate and layered beings. They’re so alive and beautiful. Some spark, some bubble, some whisper, and some roar. Whatever they look like, I love to watch them.

You're probably one of them. I can see you, too. You're as alive as any. You can warble and rush and cascade with so much, so much life! You, just one person, can do that!

I can see it. I have seen it. Let me show you. I can do that, just this once.

But you probably want to know what I look like before you follow me. Who would want to follow a stranger? You are clever.

Me, I tend to flit with blue ribbons of light. Sometimes I flash with lavender, other times I crack and tremble with angry reds. I'm not nearly as amazing as you. If we look at me and you as you see me and you, then I'm much smaller than you. I don't know exactly what I look like, really, because I change every time someone sees me. But what I see doesn't change. I still flash, flit, and tremble, but when you or your friends see me, I'm different everyone's eyes. I don't mind. I like who I am.

Follow me, and I can show you how I see people. Hold tight, now. I wouldn't want you to slip. You're shivering with gray wisps. Don't be scared. I won't let you fall. I promise.

Here's a fascinating person, that investor just over there. Do you see him? Look at the anxiously buzzing orange. He must be worried about his finances. Oh, look at them go! How they buzz so frantically, vibrating off of... what? It looks like whispered traces of... longing? He must want to go back home soon, that's probably why it's green. If the whispers were, say, pink, he might be wishing for his lover. These things can mean lots of different things to different people. It takes practice to see them just right.

Let's leave the investor alone for now. He seems too busy to take any notice of us. Hello, look at this little one, the little girl by the corner. Look at her! She's positively sparking with red. What energy! She's so excited! And look at the rippling joy of yellow! She must be so happy. Maybe because of that sweet shop over there?

Oh, but look at the young man behind the sweet shop's counter. Now there's a gloomy one, and he's not quite a grown up yet. Look at those drops of dark blue, rippling so slow and sad. He doesn't look at all happy. Oh, no... Look there, the tinges of angry sunset reds... he's grieving... He must have lost someone very close to him... those drops mean he's very sad. He's been crying... The reds mean he's confused and upset. He doesn't understand why it happened.

I'm sorry, I shouldn't be so sullen. You people can do that to me. I feel what you feel sometimes. But look at the young man at the counter. Even though he's feeling so sad, he still comes to work. He comes to the candy shop, even when he's barely keeping those dark blue drops from spilling over, and he makes other people happy. Like that little girl we saw earlier. Do you see her now? Goodness, how her yellows and reds twist and race! So many choices in a candy shop can leave one quite at a loss as to what to buy, don't they?

Look at the young man again. He's watching the little girl. He can't see her sparks and ripples, but he can see her smile, and how her eyes light up at all the different candies. Oh, look, look! He has a flare of white! See, there it goes again! Just a brief flicker, but it’s there. It means hope, I think. Watching the little girl makes him a bit happier. See, the white is a little stronger now. I think he will be alright now, don't you?

Let's find someone else. Follow me! See that park just a couple blocks down? Let's go there.

Here's a lady with rattled green. She must be feeling a bit frantic. I wonder why? Let's take a closer look.

Uh-oh, I hear a baby's wail. There, do you see the little one? All alive with shocks of distressed purple. The poor thing must be hungry. That must be what makes the mother's green rattle like it is. The baby is hungry. We should have bought some candy for her.

Look at the mother. Do you see those trails of brown? She feels tired. No wonder. She's about ready to fall asleep with the baby crying in its carriage. She probably has to work tonight, to keep her and her baby clothed and fed.

Oh no! Did you see that?! That blitz of scarlet! There goes a kidnapper! He stole that woman's baby! The rogue! Now the woman's green and brown is a boiling violet! She's frightened! What should we do?!

Wait, look! The investor we saw earlier! Here he comes running after the kidnapper! Gone is the buzzing; now it's a roaring torrent of black. He's angry, but heroic and determined. Watch him fly! You people can run so fast on two legs. Look, look! There he goes! He caught that ruffian like a professional! The baby is safe now, thank goodness. The police have come now, so it will be alright. Look at their sturdy and serious threads of gray. They mean business.

Here, the investor is returning the baby. The mother looks tired again, but now she has bubbles of pink. She's relieved, no doubt. The investor is rushing with orange flashes. He's probably just getting over the excitement of the chase. He'll be alright soon. The baby seems frightened, with her jolts of yellow panic, but I think she will be fine, too. Her mother has her safe, and the investor is protecting them both.

Isn't it amazing? Just a few people can have so much vibrancy, look so alive with emotion. It's enough to make your head spin, but it's a good feeling. You feel amazed and awed at the same time. I know I do.

Thank you for joining me. I was happy to show you that. I don't usually get to show people those types of things, but you're my lucky friend. We are friends, aren't we? Do come again, and maybe you can show me how you see people. I would like that. Come back soon and show me how you see people. Between us both, people could look simply beautiful.

So farewell for now! I'll watch your flickers and sparks and rushing until you return.

Until we meet again.

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