Saturday, April 5, 2014


Welcome to Inkspots! A blog where a 21-year-old college senior will post her writings (some she has written during free time, some she has accumulated during online courses) to hopefully entertain her readers (should she be so lucky to have them).

I hope to post a great deal of my writing. Most are short stories I've written for school but now have little use for them, save for submitting them to magazines. Which I hope to do with some of my short stories, but I will keep others for your enjoyment here too.

I have lots of fun writerly plans for this blog. Lots of stories, short stories, short-short stories (about 500 words), perhaps nonfiction, and maybe poetry (as terrible as it probably is). And, if you're lucky (or ask incessantly) snippets from my writings during my childhood. Be forewarned: they will probably make you wince. I know I do.

Another idea I have is a serial story. I have a plot and characters, and I hope it will be as exciting to read as it has been for me to write. Maybe from time to time, I'll post articles on writing. I don't know how much wisdom I have to share, but perhaps it will just be my thoughts on things.

While I love writing, I also love reading. My favorite genres/categories are YA, fantasy, the classics, and some self-published works. So there may also be book reviews.

That's just some of what I hope to do here. I won't give away all the fun posts I want to do here, but I hope they will be exciting. Do forgive me if posting is slow/irregular. School naturally requires the most attention, but I want to make this blog successful in keeping up with posting. For now, I'm shooting for every Saturday for the serial story, and Wednesday for other posts. I don't know how often Wednesday posts will be, though, because of school.

Now that I've bogged you down with details about the blog, I'll give you a few details about me (short of telling you where I live). My name is Olivia, and I've been homeschooled all my life, and after that, I started college through an absolutely brilliant program called CollegePlus. With this program, I don't have to attend traditional college classes, and I can do all of my studying at home, and when I'm ready (or, in my current situation, when I've completed the online courses) I go an take a test. It's a genius way of doing college, and I recommend it to everyone, from high school grads to high schoolers.

I'm the eldest of five siblings. We live in the country with chickens and two Corgis and a housecat. I keep busy with, as I've mentioned, school and working towards an BA in English. Reading and writing are, as I have also mentioned, some of my favorite activities. I enjoy a few of BBC's television shows (Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock), and movie soundtracks are Amon my favorite kind of music to listen to.

So, that's just a little about me. Oh, I'm also writing a book. It's in its first draft stage (school has given me new knowledge about writing that I realized my book didn't have, so I rebooted it with my newfound knowledge), and I hope to publish it. Along the way I want to submit short stories to magazines, so I'll post here when a short story of mine is published and where you can find it. I'll also provide ways to find other things I've written for other places, not necessarily magazines. There's only one, under a kind of pen name (it's my username for a fantasy forum), but perhaps there will be more.

I'll let you go now. I hope you come back later to read my short stories, and I hope they won't disappoint.

-Olivia C.

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